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  1. Anyone ever train at K33 in Southington CT?

    Chris is a good guy with alot of real world experience. He is building something really special down there at King 33, and there's alot more to come. I'd recommend any of their training. Lewitt
  2. Advanced Trauma Management for Shooters: Get trained in 2013!

    It's been a busy year for Tactical Development Group. Travelling across the country in support of the Lights, Sights, and Lasers program we have worked with Officers from over 100 agencies. Here locally we celebrated our 10 years of teaching at the Instructor Development Conference for MLEFIAA...
  3. T&E of the Celox A Syringe Applicator for Gunshot Wounds

    Enjoy! Lewitt
  4. Advanced Trauma Magnagment for Shooters. This course is Free.

    Monday at 0800. There are still a few open slots. Bring your weapons and whatever kit you want to train with and I will do the rest. Inbox me for details if you're interested. Lewitt
  5. Advanced Trauma Magnagment for Shooters. This course is Free.

    Anyone who has taken the full version of my class will tell you that I have been saying for YEARS that in the midst of a Mass Casualty Incident (active shooter, natural disaster, terrorist attack) you will be completely on your own. Public Safety (police, fire and EMS) will be completely...
  6. Advanced Trauma Magnagment for Shooters. This course is Free.

    Monday, 6 August. We will try to get an early start. Already have several committed students with space still available. If you show up, I will train you.... Lewitt
  7. Advanced Trauma Magnagment for Shooters. This course is Free.

    In the wake of that Aurora shootings, I'm offering a free day of range training for anyone interested in learning how to apply lifesaving first aid skills in the aftermath of a critical incident. This class will have limited attendence and will likely be conducted mid-week north of Boston. First...
  8. Quick CLot Combat Gauze Fails Trial

    Also, please understand when I say this I'm not being argumentative - Reasonable people can disagree without being disagreeable. No one does the live trials that you're talking about in this country any more. The FDA regulations on live animal trials are so expensive to follow that most major...
  9. Quick CLot Combat Gauze Fails Trial

    Sir, Do with the information what you like, but the Celox seemed to perform fine..... Lewitt
  10. Quick CLot Combat Gauze Fails Trial

    In April I conducted a live and unrehearsed evaluation of all the current formulations of Celox and Quick Clot. This evaluation was performed on swine tissue which has been shot with multiple pistol and rifle calibers. Fresh blood was then pumped into the wounds to simulate high pressure...
  11. Celox vs Quick Clot

    Combat gauze was evaluated as part of this trial. The video will be posted soon! Lewitt
  12. Celox vs Quick Clot

    The first trial is up for viewing. In this demo 35g of Celox powder is used to stop the bleeding produced by an assault rifle. Check it out and sign up for my newsletter if you haven't yet! Lewitt!/pages/Tactical-Development-Group/161020453920151
  13. Celox vs Quick Clot

    Here's video 1 in the 3 hour seminar: Lewitt
  14. Celox vs Quick Clot

    Hurley, If you're a vet with active service in a war zone, don't feel the need to edit your posts for language. As far as I'm concerned, you've earned the right to swear as much as you like [smile] Before I used the Cat's I felt exactly the same as you. Please don't take this as me arguing...
  15. Celox vs Quick Clot

    I talk about that in the class, but QC hasnt made their powder in years. What's your criticism of the CAT specifically?
  16. Celox vs Quick Clot

    Then we have conflicting information. All of the Surgeons I have spoken with stationed in forward areas (mostly from 10th Mountain) have had no problems at all with either Celox or Quick Clot. In full disclosure I have never been a fan of QuickClot however I believe in providing complete and...
  17. Celox vs Quick Clot

    Here it is:
  18. Celox vs Quick Clot

    Sorry guys. Will post to youtube today.
  19. Celox vs Quick Clot

    Thanks buddy!!
  20. Celox vs Quick Clot

    Diver, Yunan baiyao is a simple herbal preperation and is completely safe. Ive used it on simple cuts but it is a stiptic NOT a hemostatic. That being said, hemostatics are always the last line intervention, after direct pressure, brute force, and a TQ. In the original TCCC guidelines...
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