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  1. Firearm Concealment Furniture

    Nice stuff!
  2. Shooting death in swansea, shooter is a former CO

    There was no special treatment in this case, the witnesses were caught lying on the stand and also TOTALLY discredited by forensics. A bad situation over all, but the "victim" was a very tough person with gang ties and a long violent record. If you want to make a judgement on a case, go on the...
  3. Tall Ships Security


    Not on North Shore, but Troy City Tactical in Fall River stocks 50 round HST boxes in 9mm and 45
  5. Ruger revolvers superior to S&W, photographic proof

    Thats not because one is stronger than the other, it's because Ruger has a longer cylinder which can accept some of these super heavy cast loads with a longer OAL. They would stick out of the S&W cylinder and lock up the gun
  6. New Aquisitions May 2017

    Congratulations Walt!
  7. Sabre Pepper Spray $8.66 @ amazon

    Troy City Tactical in Fall River is the same price
  8. Sub 2000

    Mine ran 1480 rounds of cheapo Federal aluminum right out of the box, before the bolt got too gunked up to fully return to battery after every shot. Its a fun and reliable little gun
  9. new M&PShield 45 .. WOW

    I know Troy City in Fall River got some more in before close on saturday. They open Tuesday at 10
  10. Cheapest Shield 9mm?

    Go to your local shop that gives you good service and support them at the sake of spending a couple extra bucks. They can't always get the pricing of the bigger guys with higher volume. My rule with the smaller shops is support them now or miss them when they're gone...
  11. Glock goes BOOM!!!!

    That glock picture has been around for 10 years easy... BS.
  12. Why is .38 special ammo so expensive?

    NATO calibers and other government contracted calibers such as 40sw are where the money is, so ammo plants around the world focus there efforts on their production. When Law enforcement agencies switched to semi automatics, the big money contracts went away from the 38spl's production and it...
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