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  1. What the heck is my SKS!?!?

    Sooo I decided to strip and refinish the beat up flaking stock on my beat around Chinese type56 sks with boiled linseed oil. When I pulled it all apart I noticed all its dated 1961 on the underside of the barrel. It has all matching numbers (5 digits), a blade bayonet (Russian style), limited...
  2. Meanwhile in England where guns are banned....
  3. Colt 614

    Does anyone in the NFA world know the approximate value of a full-auto Colt 614? It is completely stock and has had approximately 100-200 rounds through it in its life.
  4. Top 5 guns for home defense video

    I came across this one while browsing..... [popcorn]
  5. Deal on 6 Gal. Water storage jugs

    Just a heads up, Ocean state has some great 6 gallon (gas can style) water jugs on sale this week: $7.99 with internet coupon found here: Limit of 2 per customer
  6. Post-ban U-notch glock mags?

    What the hell?
  7. Shield FTE

    I have been having som FTE issues with my 9mm shield lately. At first I blamed it on the cheap bulk 115gr ammo I was using, However today I brought 3 different brands and weight ammo and all had issues. This is an early gun roughly the first 8 months of production. 3 FTE's today. Same issues...
  8. Bush in 2007 delivered eerily accurate warning about Iraq unrest

    Very interesting article:
  9. Who can name this gun?

    Does anyone know what type of .22 revolver the reporter shows in this video? I'd really like to pick one up in the future.
  10. SIG 1911's for sale?

    Why does it seem like so many people are posting their Sig 1911's for sale lately? I even saw one that was looking to trade for a Smith 1911. Whats up with these guns?
  11. Gun shop recommendations?

    I'm going to be traveling to the Maynard, MA for work, does anyone have any suggestions of shops to check out while up in that area? Id like a shop with a decent supply of used guns or "different stuff", instead of the same Smith & Wessons, Sigs and Rugers that are in every shop across the...
  12. Mark posts as read button?

    Hi can we get back the option of the mark posts as read button after hitting clicking on new posts?
  13. Anyone remember?

    I know my description will sound pretty vague, but does anyone remember the videos of the man who built his own little cabin that was self sustainable? I remember he had solar panels rigged up and had all of his drains piped to water a small garden off of the side of the home. It was a very...
  14. Im gonna need a new range bag...

    So today I took a trip to the range and put a box of .357s through my new Smith and Wesson Model 19. I wanted to see what kind of accuracy it was capable of, an I was the only one at the range, so I set up my target at the 25 yard line, and started shooting offhand. After about half the box, I...
  15. Recommend a pair of electronic ear muffs with audio input (ipod) capability

    Can anyone help me with my Christmas shopping? I am looking for a good pair of electronic ear muffs that have the capability of accepting audio input from an Ipod at a good value. These will be mostly used for mowing the lawn, and using chainsaws so a pair that work well under constant loud...
  16. SA/DA guns that can be carried "cocked and locked"

    Im exhausted and my brain is not working right now, so can anyone help me come up with a list of SA/DA firearms, which dont have a safety decocker. I would like the capability to carry it "cocked and locked". Also, I would prefer it to prevent the hammer from dropping at all, unlike the Walther...
  17. Has anyone reloaded .32 S&W short?

    My uncle has his grandfathers .32S&W short pocket pistol that is in mint condition and really means alot to him. However this cartridge is completely obsolete. This past weekend he decided that he wanted to find out once and for all if it would function and fire correctly. We drove out to the...
  18. Best manual for reloading to Garand specs

    I really want to find a reloading manual that focuses on reloading the .30-06 for use in the Garand. What is the most useful book out there for Garand compliant reloading recipes? Also what's the rule on using magnum primers in regards to this round? Should I load down for it, or will it be fine?
  19. Does a 9 or 10 shot .22 mag snubby exist?

    Does anyone know if a 9 or 10 shot .22 magnum snubby revolver exists? The only one I could come up with was the long barreled high standard, like the one used in the Charles Manson murders. I would really like to find a model similar to the Taurus Ultra-Lite model 94 or the 351PD.
  20. Truly a Must See!: RI democratic Candidate Chris Young Interview [rofl]
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