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  1. 9mm vs a bear update

    Long time ago I started a thread about a bear vs a 9mm... Lots if not everyone said it wouldn't work. Felt I should share that article. Happy easter btw. FWIW I dont...
  2. Any local shops in MA do Titanium Nitride coating ?

    I was looking to class up some of my steel framed guns. Hoping to find a shop in MA that could get the job done. I would consider Cerakoting it if all else fails. I was out hunting bear this past weekend with my 9mm and bagged several(50 OR SO). Figured that gun deserved a new dress. And don't...
  3. SR9 vs SR9c trigger question

    Just curious. My dad has a Sr9c he bought in MA and it has the best striker fire MA approved trigger I have used. Does the sr9 have that same trigger (short crisp) or is it like the m&p's heavy and mushy? I was thinking about picking up a full sized gun and already have many Gen4 glocks...
  4. New hobby, anyone have any leads?

    I recently got the Bali bug and was wondering if anyone by chance had any leads or had a Benchmade 42 they would be willing to part with? Let me know.
  5. Awesome new Giant Microtech

    Microtech Giant Halo 3X This bad boy retails for 9999.99 at the moment. A sold deal if you think about it.
  6. Zombie load out- what would you take?

    In the fun spirit of Zombies. I got to thinking what would I grab from my house if I was forced to leave on foot and venture out into a world without rule of law. Just a fun thread for people to post up pics of what they would take with them and why. ( These things could also be used in real...
  7. Sub 2000?

    Has any one seen any of these for sale ? im looking for the glock mag one. Why is kel-tec not pumping these out fast enough.
  8. Hunting Classes

    The only hunters Ed classes I have been able to find online are the ones that are several days long, way to far away from my house and start while I am still at work. I live in Framingham MA were could I get a hunter ed class thats not so far away, don't care if I have to pay for it.
  9. Mounting scope on AR question

    Im pretty new to the world of ar15s and was thinking about getting a scope for mine. I have a removable carry handle with the piccatiny rail piece that sits on top of it. Since I have a front iron site post that I dont want to remove I want to make sure the scope will clear it. I originally was...
  10. 357 LCR MA OK

    The Ruger site lists the lcr 357 as MA approved. Any one seen these for sale in shops?
  11. KelTec 2000 w/ glock grip

    I haven't seen these around in a while. Was able to find a few places online that had a decent price about 300 with free shipping to FFL. I didnt know if anyone had scene one of these locally, getting a feel for a gun before you buy it is always preferred in my book. Thanks
  12. Whats your Favorite MA compliant Gun?

    Due to the amount of non related responses I received when asking my original question I felt that it maybe have needed some additional clarification as some of you take things to literately and cant seem to just have a easy response. I was asking with the restrictions of "MA compliant"...
  13. Ghost connectors for gen 4's dont work so well.

    I've had some issues with my gen 4 Glocks and the 5.5 and 3.5 ghost connectors. After installation it eventually stopped connecting with the sear and wouldn't let the firing pin go forward. The trigger would be pulled back but wouldn't break. I had to lock the slide back and pop off the back...
  14. Wondering if anyone had a Fenix light issue?

    I have a Fenix LD10 I have had it for about 8 months now and the flash light stopped working. The actuator button doesn't seem to be turning the light on. Either that or the bulb is completely gone. I put new batteries in it and it wont turn on. The Customer service number on the box is in...
  15. +p+ 9mm

    Wondering if +p+ was OK for MA. I thought it was OK but wanted to double check. I haven't seen it for sale in a very long time if anyone had some idea of wear to get some?
  16. What would you do and what would be legal- scenario

    Wondering in a situation wear your life could potentially be in danger what would you do and what would the legal ramifications be for reacting? I understand if you have the ability to avoid the citation then you must but,this would be the scenario. What if you are getting into your car and...
  17. Now thats a nice finish!

  18. Fanny Pack holster

    So I decided to get into hiking this summer and with any outdoor activity I like to have the essentials. I felt a small pack of some kind would be idea for traipsing through the woods and getting some well needed exercise. Since carrying firearms in state parks is now legal I began to think of...
  19. Dr Glock

    So I have owned a few glocks at this point and can detail strip them in a heart beat. I usually try and buy them new but I got a great deal on a glock30. Took it to the range for the first time the other night and had 2 issues. While shooting one of the 5 mags that came with the gun all that...
  20. Flying with a Firearm into MA?

    So I have a question that a friend asked me and I figured I would consult the forum. My friends dad wants to bring his new sig P238 from CO when he comes to visit in MA He will be flying into logan. We wanted to be sure that bringing the gun with him in a decliared and checked luggage bag...
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