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  1. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    Not the performance I was expecting to see by the Pats, but I'll take the W. A trick play wins the game , let's hope our offense gets it together for the next game.
  2. Police cameras for license plates??

    Both the Bourne and Sagamore Bridges have license plate readers on them. Been there around 1 year if I remember from a story in the CC Times.
  3. Mass State Police training in Bourne today

    Maybe don't remember the sight on top but I was driving in the moderate rain the times I went by. Thanks for the info M1911.
  4. Mass State Police training in Bourne today

    It did not look like any radar gun I have seen over the years. It seemed like monuclor thermal imaging / night vision unit. Also looked smaller than the standard radar guns we are used to seeing.
  5. Mass State Police training in Bourne today

    It was around 10 AM when I first saw them. There is a Sate DPW salt shed just up from the Otis roatary maybe 700 yards up Rt28 N from the roatary
  6. Mass State Police training in Bourne today

    Today on Rt 28 North bound in Bourne I saw at least 35 troopers gathered at the MA DPW barn for at least 90 min. They were divided into 2 teams of 5 each standing in the breakdown lane with one team facing towards the Bourne Bridge and the others towards the Otis roatary. Several members of each...
  7. How many remember when BCN ruled the airwaves?

    WBCN was my go to station. Lintened from day 1 until they went off the air. For a long time it was the only station I had preset on my car radio.
  8. Shield .45

    Was it a mod 2.0.
  9. Anyone Turn On Heat Yet?

    Took out both window AC units this week, Storm windows down, will get some plastic over a couple windows this weekend. Both thermostats are set on 60f but suspect the gas boiler will kick on with some heat soon.
  10. What are you reading?

    No Middle Name by Lee Childs, (a Jack Reacher book.)
  11. Arrested for Felony at Company Retreat

    We were allowed two drinks with dinner, per person on the Cooporate Card. I don't drink so when I traveled which was quite often my partner in crime could have four. Lol.
  12. Just had a couple of minute's view of the Space Station flying by.

    A few of us went out to the beach on Wings Neck in Pocasset tonight and saw it pass over us.
  13. Porn star Jessica Jaymes will not be going down for breakfast

    Dam she was my Traci Lords rubber replica replacement.
  14. Just had a couple of minute's view of the Space Station flying by.

    Visiable tonight around 8:01 PM on the Upper Cape. 2 minute visabality 11degrees above SSW.Dissapears 28 degrees SE.
  15. Just had a couple of minute's view of the Space Station flying by.

    Definitely a fun thing to get out and night and see it go over. Over the years I have seen it dozens of times. I have also seen the Space Shuttle when it was still flying chasing it in orbit to link up. I use Spot the Station to find out sighting times.
  16. When you purchased your last car...

    When I purchased my 2019 Mustang GT last month there was no Prep fee. There was a $395 Doc fee and would not budge. Discount off sticker price was $4,400. They made a mistake on my trade evaluation by quoting $2k more than they should have as they ran the numbers for my 12 Mustang as a Premium...
  17. Boat Show

    After manning an exhibit there for Datamarine, then C-MAP for way too many years I know I Won't be going lol.
  18. Woman Pecked To Death By Rooster

    Was that Little Jerry from Sinefeld?
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