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  1. Bill Cosby is having a P.R. nightmare or worse: alllegedly raped women decades ago

    This. I can't justify condemning the alleged victims as frauds, or Cosby as a rapist, without first getting all the facts.
  2. New York Deputy Slaps Citizen for Not Allowing him to Search Car (Vid)

    What an arrogant piece of work. What's really sad is that the "suspect" is respectful - there was absolutely no need for that.
  3. Family problems with guns

    Firstly, thank you for your service. Try not to make it a "me vs. my family" issue. You are not a gun or a backpack. What you carry does not make you YOU. If your sisters have an irrational fear or distatste of firearms, try not to take that personally. They are not rejecting you but what...
  4. 'HARDCORE' POV Action Movie

    This. It was very cool for a few minutes but man... I couldn't handle that for 2 hours.
  5. Video: 8 Police officers fire 46 shots and kill homeless man

    That misses the point Bones. A K9 is (I believe) considered a lethal force and is at the top of the use of force continuum. The contention, as I understood it, is the cops could have used other less-than-lethal options while facing a lethal threat. And I bet you this - none of your friends...
  6. Town ranking based on percent who voted for Coakley

    Polito's candidacy eased my nausea when I voted for Baker. Chokley goes down hard again. How long did it take Marsha, Marsha, Marsha to concede? It's as if she couldn't come to terms with the loss and was determined not to admit the obvious. Does Coakley's embarrassing behavior remind anyone...
  7. question 4

    nobig... I think Rider sums it up nicely. At the risk of oversimplifying, let's say you own a small construction business and employ 15 people. You place bids on larger jobs - these bids generally include when the job must be completed by. Now let's say 1/2 of your employees call in sick...
  8. Video: 8 Police officers fire 46 shots and kill homeless man

    Don't let your dislike for cops cloud reasonable judgment. If any one wants to play out the game in real life, you take the OC and I'll take the knife. Make it an AIDS-infested knife, with a bit of Hep-C to boot. I bet money I'll knick at least one person before I go down. I'm with In God on...
  9. Video: 8 Police officers fire 46 shots and kill homeless man

    The shoot was overkill, plain and simple. That said, IF he had a knife (a big IF) than the escalation to lethal force was warranted. I'm a moron and even I know that cops ALWAYS go to one level above the threat - and a knife is a deadly threat. Again, that's IF there was a knife... if there...
  10. Cop Goes Nuts When Told "God Bless You"

    Off topic, but are there any mathematicians that could calculate the danger of an airline pilot cutting lumber in a 2-passenger plane?
  11. NH: live free or die? I don't think so....

    Sadly I don't think that's possible. The reality is as long as the GOP is winning they have no reason to change. You go with what wins you elections and if that's RINO's, so be it. Like many conservatives I am weary of choosing the lesser of 2 evils. RINO's are leading this country to her...
  12. Anyone Turn On Heat Yet?

    Yes, once. I'll break down soon if this keeps up though. We have 3 dogs that yearn for warmer days and I feel badly for them.
  13. Navy SEAL Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Reportedly Left Uninsured After Leaving Service

    This. Sad but true. Shame on our Communist-In-Chief.
  14. It is your Duty to vote

  15. Cop Goes Nuts When Told "God Bless You"

    Why pick a side? 2 wrongs don't make a right. Not all criminals are scum; not all cops are bad. I'm on the side of good people whether they wear a uniform or not.
  16. Cop Goes Nuts When Told "God Bless You"

    A bad analogy. I have a neighbor who is a correction officer. Because they are vastly outnumbered and carry no weapons they are forced to learn very early in their careers to deescalate situations as their lives literally depend on it. Sad as it is these cops treat citizens worse than...
  17. Worcester man fighting in SJC to regain gun license

    Interesting. Here's hoping for a solid 2A victory.
  18. Concealed Carry question: lap dance edition

    +1 And to the OP's question - I'd say carrying a 500 mag concealed might be impossible whereas, absent a thorough wanding and an orifice search, you'll be all set cc'ing this:
  19. No Refusal checkpoint?

    +1! [thumbsup]
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