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  1. Home Defense Gear - Some Questions

    Better off suppressing stuff if you're in NH
  2. Chick-Fil-A, the Dick's Sporting Goods of the fast food world.

    Good thing they stopped helping Salvation Army... Those guys are total a**h***s that do nothing to help people
  3. Latest woke feminist sequel bombs, Charlie's Angels

    I tried to give Captain Marvel a chance... twas really bad. Super woke. Batwoman looks absolutely HORRENDOUS. I enjoyed WonderWoman more.
  4. PG&E Is Dubious of Fire Victim’s Claim

    I just did some light googling to try and understand the issues they are facing out there... It seems to me that PG&E was trying to do the right thing wrt the wildfires, but California just can't seem to find a way to not destroy their own state. I don't know... I'm probably wrong, but does...
  5. American Children ‘Immersed in a Culture of Disrespect’

    I agree that there is a bigger disconnect with kids and adults nowadays. I don't think I need to be my kids friend. They know exactly who is in charge. I think there are other things that contribute to shitty social interaction, and it's not just effecting kids. Kids are different today for...

    Shes the NES equivalent of a Gamer Girl for nerds
  7. Wedding DJ Question

    Our DJ played the chicken dance, which he was explicitly told not to. Chicken Rage. I should have turned it into an impromptu mosh pit
  8. I'm not a cop hater, but...

    Incorrect as far as Massachusetts goes. They contribute to pension plans.
  9. I'm not a cop hater, but...

    I'm all for punishing people, but some of you guys act like these guys don't put their own money into pensions. If you're going to do something like that, then I think the solution is they are handed a check for what they put into the system, nothing more nothing less, and then shown the door...
  10. I'm not a cop hater, but...

  11. I'm not a cop hater, but...

    I won one and lost the other. Might be a story for another thread 🤷‍♂️
  12. I'm not a cop hater, but...

    Sounds like my kind of kink tbh
  13. I'm not a cop hater, but...

    Yeah. I gathered that. I'm jealous though. I've only managed to get in fights with 2 wheelchair bound people. I need to step my game up
  14. I'm not a cop hater, but...

    I just don't get this whatsoever, like what the f*** is the guy going to do? Just let him roll around on the floor and have a temper tantrum
  15. I'm not a cop hater, but...

    DISGUSTING. Embarrassing. Criminal. But... how was he planning to handcuff him?
  16. Seattle police captain arrested in own department’s prostitution sting

    So... is it prostitution or sexual harrassment? Lol
  17. Myles Garrett attacks Mason Rudolph

    Funny... I don't hear people bitching about gun rights when someone USES a gun to assault someone (absent self defense) Seems like a shitty analogy you're trying to paint.
  18. The Holiday Madness is Upon Us

    I love Christmas so much... but its annoying seeing it up at beginning of November.
  19. Myles Garrett attacks Mason Rudolph

    I think the NFL moved fast on this. I would have no issue if he was criminally charged though. Using a weapon to crush someone's head outside of the play is over line.
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