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  1. Cleaning up spilled powder:

    I always vacuum and I haven't had a problem.
  2. wet tumbling

    The barrel of my Thumbler model B rotted away and I had to get a new one. The new barrel with liner, gasket and lid was $149.00. A new stainless steel barrel with liner, gasket and lid for the Rebel 17 tumbler from STM was $89.00 and is the same size. It showed up today and is working perfectly.
  3. Harvard sportsman club

    The Christmas trees are down the dirt road between the 200/300 and the archery range. The trees range in size from small enough to put on a table to too large to put indoors. Unless the ground is dry and solid, don't go back there without 4 wheel drive.
  4. .50 BMG Ranges in MA?

    Devens supposedly has a long range but I can't get a definite answer on whether it's open to the public or not. Harvard allows qualified members to shoot .50 BMG at 300 yards but it's probably too far north and too much trouble if you're not already a member there.
  5. 7mm mauser

    I loaded some more IMR4227 in the 7mm mauser Rolling Block. 18 gr shot well, 19 gr was not very good and 20gr was the best. The load was a Norm Purcella 170 grain cast gc coated bullet sized .285. groups were fired from the bench at 100 yards and all groups were 9 rounds because that's how much...
  6. Alternative to Hoppes

    I use both Ballistol and Hoppes. Neither is a dedicated copper remover but both are effective against corrosive ammo and Ballistol is also effective against black power residue. You can keep both the family and your guns. Just tell them to hold their breath while you clean guns.
  7. Some times reality gives you that little slap in the face.....

    I strongly disagree with this Healey bullshit but from a practical standpoint, don't you have to use a 5 round magazine for hunting? Any semi-auto would work because no deer is going to hang around long enough for you to shoot at it more than twice. Maybe 3 times if you're very fast.
  8. Is this tree dying?

    As others have already said, it looks like normal sap wood and heart wood. If it's black walnut it's probably worth a lot of money so don't use it for firewood.
  9. Are War Movies Taboo Now?

    I've already seen them but Hacksaw Ridge and The Pacific were worth watching again.
  10. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    It's impossible to say what's best for you. Only you can decide that. A few good choices that come to mind are a Shield or Glock 43. If you want something a little larger, then the CZ75 compact. I have them all and you're welcome to shoot any or all of them if you ever come to the eastern part...
  11. Looking for a new range toy

    I had one but my son stole it. It was much quieter than the .223, had less recoil and was very accurate. It's a blowback so doesn't use a gas system.
  12. Why buy a youth rifle over an AR?

    The concept of an adjustable stock is a good one(unless you're in Ma) but I can see the dad not wanting the kids to learn on a semi-automatic.
  13. What is FID compliant?

    Are you getting the FID because you're not old enough to get the LTC? IF so get the LTC when you turn 21 even though the FID won't be expired. As others have said, consider the garand. If you want a large caliber non-hunting rifle, it's a good choice.
  14. COAL for my 308

    The max. COAL may be less than the optimal length due to magazine length. Many believe that close to the lands is best but Berger Bullets says otherwise. I found what they said to be true with a bolt action .223. Read what they say about COAL and experiment.
  15. Anyone have primers explode on XL650?

    It has happened to me. It blew that plastic rod up through the florescent light and scared the shit out of me. Dillon said to throw the whole priming system away and sent me a new one. It was my own fault for trying to see how fast I could go. I loaded 1200 rounds of 9mm in 1 hour. It was a very...
  16. OK, Walmart and Dick's are out, where to shop?

    If Hooksett N.H. isn't too far you can go to Shooter's Outpost, Riley's or Bass Pro.I
  17. Gunsmith recommendation

    Cowboy Gunworks 30 Walnut Hill Rd Derry N.H. 603-425-1189. Jim has worked on several of my rifles but the last time I was there he said he was moving to Vermont so I don't know if he's still in Derry
  18. Low-Recoil shells through semi-auto Shotgun

    They won't hurt your gun but will probably still be too loud if the dog is gun shy. It will take some work starting with a .22 rifle. If you're unfamiliar with the process, consult a professional trainer.
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