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  1. S&W Governor moon clip problem?

    full moon clips that came with the gun; dirty smokey reloads: 6.5 gr unique with 230 hard lead cast. looks lie that might be it
  2. S&W Governor moon clip problem?

    first time shooting 45 acp moon clips out of the governor : used cast bullets and old, fired about 8 times brass, reloads. went good for awhile then trigger locked up, cylinder would open and close tightly, maybe not completely and gun would not fire, trigger seized up. after a little fiddling...
  3. The pistol carbine 9mm - Novelty or purpose

    i am going 10 mm; waiting for the ruger pc carbine in that caliber
  4. How many remember when BCN ruled the airwaves?

    first started out as the american revolution 1967
  5. What does your family think about shooting?

    my future wife started anti gun shit while we were dating; told her she wold go before the guns. a good gun is better and harder to find than a woman and masturbation is sex with someone you love. she is now pro gun, nra and 2a.
  6. What does your family think about shooting?

    and they are the first ones to spout racism and fascism
  7. What does your family think about shooting?

    my side rabid TDS gun hating on all levels liberals. we are not on speaking terms: i have been deleted from all family events and relationships. could care less for i don't have to listen to their shit and save plenty on christmas, birthdays etc. my wife's side ex military, conservative...
  8. Lowell woman convicted in fatal road rage shooting

    if this was florida, texas etc she would fry
  9. Can you say “Hunter Harrassment?”

    the fat gut on dad looks like he has had his share of colon cloggers
  10. Lowell woman convicted in fatal road rage shooting

    she is 20 do you not have to be 21 for a ltc in ma ? sounds like an illegal gun . no such thing in ma. [ undocumented firearm]
  11. School me on 10mm.

    yes great gun that will not break the bank; put 300 rds through it so far with no problems, just replace the crappy rubber grips with nice wood or g10
  12. Dan Wesson new handgun, the DWX!

    and all steel; next model in 45 acp
  13. Masculinity and Guns

    of mother
  14. Masculinity and Guns

    i have been accused of the small penis and relation to gun ownership on a number of occasions. developed two retorts to the accuser that work quite well. if a female: since you know so much about penis siz you must have really made the rounds. if a male: since you know so much about penis size...
  15. Beto Says Police Will Go Door-To-Door to Confiscate Guns

    p.s.: besides all of the above, his band sucked !
  16. ar 15 to 10 mm carbine conversion ?

    just found out olympic arms makes a complete ar upper with 10 to 18 round mags for around $750 looks like the only cheap route
  17. ar 15 to 10 mm carbine conversion ?

    buy the time i get done will be spending $$$$$ that way plus build time. i can get a kriss vector in ma 10mm glock compatible for $1300. i would like a ar platform to save $ since a already have a pre 94 lower everything and could put a retracting stock on
  18. ar 15 to 10 mm carbine conversion ?

    can it be done? i have a pre 94 ban colt a2. is there a upper unit out there with a magazine adapter for glock mags? refuse to got with a cheap hi point or mec tech glock conversion: butt fugly. have a 10 mm glock but it does not have a front rail which counts out other carbine conversion units.
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