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  1. SOLD Jeep Wrangler JL wheels and tires $300

    Basically new, taken off after purchase, less than 50 miles on them. This is for 5 wheels and tires. Michelin ltx 245/75/17. No tpms. $300 for all.located in Boylston MA
  2. WTS Jeep Wrangler Wheels and tires

    Basically brand new, taken off Jeep right after purchase, less than 50 miles on them. Michelin ltx tires 245/75/17. This is a set of 5 wheels and tires. Looking for $600. Local pickup in Boylston MA. Text is quickest for a response. 978-405-4529. Thanks Ed
  3. Worcester Red Sox.. Anyone been to the park?

    The park itself is nice, your biggest safety concern is stepping on a used needle on your walk over to the ballpark. First hand experience.
  4. tippmann m4-22 LR.

    Not sure of the weight of your Sig but I just bought the Tipppman, compared to my Smith and Wesson M&p 15-22 it is heavier due to the aluminum lower and receiver. I really like the Smith and Wesson but the Tippman is a higher quality gun with more features. I don’t think you will be...
  5. Range Day G43, P365, XDS, Shield Comparison

    Thanks for the comparison. I’ve been thinking of buying a G43 after shooting it. I was amazed how accurate it was with minimal recoil. But I also don’t complain about shooting .40 like almost everyone on this site. I haven’t tried the p365 yet and wasn’t on my list but I’ll have to try it out...
  6. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Probably a regional thing, Orlando is full of tourists who think they need to follow their own state rules. I wasn’t in tourist country, that was probably the difference. The other nice thing was you could openly be a trump supporter without fear of repercussions.
  7. Called out for not wearing a mask

    This, I spent the last 6 months in Florida. I wore a mask only once, a Target employee would not let me in without a mask. Only store I was turned away from. All the restaurants in DelRay beach we at full capacity. Some wore masks but 80% or more no masks and that estimate might be light. The...
  8. On Video: Bobcat Attacks Wife. Husband Reacts

    Man, guy loves his wife, wonder how many other tough guys would have grabbed that thing and chucked it. Guys got some balls
  9. OK you all have talked about it so much, even I want to see yours !

    I carry this hiking, not sure why as it can hit crap outside 5 feet somehow it makes me feel safe, go figure
  10. Not your daddy's airgun

    That is cool, I’m going to have to look into one.
  11. Signs and Symptoms of Non-Serious Buyers

    Nothing wrong with someone asking if price is firm but when you say cash only and they try to throw in a Tom Brady jersey or their watch because they don’t have the funds, wtf do I want with your used crap. I’m probably not the only one that this happened to, he is a current member.
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