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  1. Moved out of MA

    I just moved out of MA to NH and I am unsure of what obligations I have to MA in regards to who I have to notify in that state if anyone. I heard that I should send a certified letter to the CLEO that issued my LTC but have no idea what info I need to provide. Do i say hello I no longer live...
  2. What camo?

    Any thoughts on camo in a SHTF situation? Would a camo that best matches your current local terrain be best in a hunting and avoiding the zombies in a SHTF situation or would a generic military type camo have an added benefit?
  3. PPS holsters

    I began carrying my PPS in my cross breed holster, and it is by far the most comfortable holster that I have ever owned but it prints way too much on me. Any kind of movement or bending leaves the grip sticking out and causes my shirt to ride up until it is exposed. Looks like It would be the...
  4. I'm not a banker but I got a bonus

    I got a small bonus at my blue collar job and when added to my new gun fund, it put me into the go buy a new gun side of my new gun fund. So I am torn as to what to get. I have been really liking the new Walther PPS but heard how the trigger sucks so I am unsure if I want to buy it but it felt...
  5. Getting LTC A restrictions removed

    I tried searching but either I suck at internetting, or this hasn't been covered so here is my question. I have had my LTC-A with hunting target restrictions for 4 years. Had no problem getting it, never been in any kind of trouble before or after the license. When I got it the issuing...
  6. AR-7 help

    I have a Henry AR-7 survival. I found a nice pistol grip combo collapsible or as they call it on AR-7 "Collabsible " Can I legally use this without my little ar becoming a banned assault rifle?
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