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  1. New Handguard

    Looking to get new hand guards for my bushmaster ar-15. Just wondering if anyone has any input. I been looking at these. Midwest Industries Handguard 4-Rail AR-15 Carbine Length Aluminum Black Thanks Jim
  2. tactical shotgun laws

    Did a little searching kind of came up short. Looking to get a Remington 870 with a 18in barrel and extended tube. I would like to put some goodies on it like a adjustable stock, pistol grip and side saddle stuff like that. Is there any laws in mass that I would be breaking? Thanks jim
  3. remington 453

    Been looking for a shotgun for some time now. The one i been looking at the most is the Remington 11-87. But this weekend Dicks has a Remington 453 on sale. Don't know much about it just what the website has to say. Just looking for your guys thoughts. Thanks Jim
  4. ar-15 handguard

    Is there any easy way to get my handguard off without the tool or a buddy. So far the rifle is winning.[crying] Update.Well i am bleeding now... Update I won. Finally got it off what a pain in the rear.
  5. New 10/22

    Just showing of the 10/22. Just added a Bushnell trophy scope a Rockmount pivot bi pod and some preban 25rd magazine's. Before After
  6. First Gun

    Finally got my l.t.c in the mail Tuesday. Took a ride to four seasons with a buddy today and picked up a m&p 9. Can't wait to get out and shoot it.
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