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  1. My niece gets lance corporal in couple weeks

    Graduated boot camp for marines end of April. In a reconnaissance platoon , radio operator. Shes tops in her class smarts and on par with alot of guys physically.
  2. Glob goes after Tannerite

    The glob rag news paper writes a story about those maggot gender revel parties and guess what they're going after, Tannerite. Ya, the favorite used 80 lbs. For a big boom. Tannerite ban in 10, 9, 8, ... I'm not posting a linc cause I dont read the rag.
  3. Gun friendly retirement
  4. Saving how to videos on I pad ?

    Is there a firestick thing or something that I can save to my favorites on my iPad ? If things go blank, I want to save these. I’m not a savvy computer guy.
  5. Massachusetts Liberal Climate Bill PASSES !

    Time to make calls to your Governor ! VETO !
  6. Paul Westfal passes

    To bad , he was a real nice person.
  7. NGOs have they been all Liberal ?

    Every time I Hear about an NGO it's a place that employs minorities and Liberals. Is there a way a Republican led house and Senate can get the IRS to tax them into oblivion ? They never seem to be a good thing for America.
  8. Killer of Dan Pearl set for release the Punjabs are playing games. Who bets this guy gets in a car and it goes boom ? Mossad is everywhere.
  9. I want.
  10. What to expect if The Liberals win
  11. Gen Z/ Millennial Nurse asks for discount coffee at Walpole Cumberland Farms.

    Only this Beggar and I in line and she’s got the entitlement attitude going. The clerk asked if she’s working and then the Beggar Says well Wrentham store does so ? She says yes I’m a nurse so ? She gets no discount. She leaves and I say what an entitled idiot to the clerk and tell her jokingly...
  12. Finally honored

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr"><a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#BREAKING</a>: House passes bill to allow <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#AlwynCashe</a> to be awarded the...
  13. Town hall For Trump with abc news

    Trump just destroyed the Democrats. They are allowing their Cities to burn. CNN has a reporter saying it’s peaceful with flames behind him. the host Stephanopoulos quickly goes to commercial. Destroyed them !
  14. Forester needed.

    Does anybody have a good forester they work with in Norfolk area?
  15. Faker friggin Baker at it again

    In case there were any doubt Chuckie proposes another liberal idea. Having the State take away local decision's on land use. His HOUSING COICE BILL will reduce the threshold of 2/3 rds vote to simple majority for local land use agendas. He's a C S for shur !
  16. An interesting Tennessee gun shop

    This is the catalog. Catalog Download Anybody heard of them. Some uberti, and pieta. Lots of guns probably can’t be brought to Ma :(.
  17. Bloods gangbangers visit walpole

    Enterprise News › news › brock... Web results Brockton man charged with armed robbery at Walpole store - News - The ...
  18. Pilot ejects from F-4 over North Sea audio

    This was pretty intense for a bit. View:
  19. Stuart Whitman Gone Another from my youth. I’m old. RIP
  20. Lyle Waggoner gone

    He was Carol Burnett’s sidekick. RIP
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