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  1. Amazon no longer ships PEPPER SPRAY to MA customers??

    Walmart carries FoxLabs. You can order it on-line and have it delivered to your local store, then just pick it up. That avoids the "shipping to Mass" issues.
  2. Brake / Comp for 14.5" Barrel Recommendations?

    2A Armament T3 T3 Compensator .
  3. CLEO approval no longer required for tax stamp?

    I saw a discussion in another forum about a guy who sent a copy of his stamp application to the local sheriff for sign-off. The sheriff sent it back unopened. The explanation was that the CLEO no longer has to approve these applications. Is this true? Does that mean stamps are now "shall...
  4. PSA - Don't throw out your old license

    Good to know. My thread title was a bit misleading, as I do keep all my past licenses. I just don't usually keep the old PIN's written down. In this case I had a backup file that saved me in that respect.
  5. PSA - Don't throw out your old license

    Wait, as part of my deal you want me to ask Cooler if he'll throw in the kitchen sink? :D
  6. PSA - Don't throw out your old license

    Yes, and a very pleasant transaction. :D
  7. PSA - Don't throw out your old license

    Brian never even reached the point of asking me for my PIN, that's not the issue. I have to go back with my old license (and associated PIN) to complete the transaction. The new license can't be used for anything until it "starts", at least as far as Mass. is concerned. The Feds apparently...
  8. PSA - Don't throw out your old license

    LOL, I'm talking about gun licenses, not driver's licenses.:)
  9. PSA - Don't throw out your old license

    You're correct that the license number is the same. My old one had no "star" or "Not for Federal ID" on it. So my new and old are identical on the front. Apparently the Feds have no problem using the new license, but the guy said the State won't accept it until it starts in December. ETA...
  10. PSA - Don't throw out your old license

    I was at B&K today in Natick, to process a transfer from Cooler (nice place, nice guy). I filled out all the paperwork and handed the owner my license. After a minute he said there's a problem. :( I started the process to renew my license about a month ago. It was due to expire in December...
  11. Where can I buy a medium sized can of pepper spray?

    Since several people say Amazon works fine, I just went back and checked them again. I tried at least 6-7 different brands and sizes. In EVERY case, Amazon has a message on the product page that says "This item cannot be shipped to your selected location." .
  12. Where can I buy a medium sized can of pepper spray?

    Thanks all for the ideas. My Lowes only carries pocket sized types. I've tried at least two different Ebay sellers, both replied with the same message, no go in Mass. Amazon same thing. However, the idea of checking Walmart seems like it'll work. Local store doesn't stock it, but I was able...
  13. Where can I buy a medium sized can of pepper spray?

    I'm looking to buy a medium sized can of pepper spray, 1.5 - 2oz, not the little key-chain pocket carry type. I've called local Mass. gun shops and none carry that size. Maura won't allow mail order of the stuff. Does anyone know shops in Mass. or southern NH that carry it? I mean for...
  14. Muzzle device Pin and Weld Provider Recommendation Boston and North Shore

    Just wanted to mention another excellent source, Saxonville Armory in Framingham. They did a awesome job for me, I can barely tell it's pinned.
  15. Another reason I don’t own a gunvault

    The only purpose of a Gun Vault (or any small lock box) is to be a mild deterrent and meet the MGL gun laws for securing a firearm. Everyone knows you can break into almost any lock box in under a minute with a half decent pry bar. If you want real security you have to start with something that...
  16. Gunsmith near Littleton?

    Saxonville Armory in Framingham, not too far. They did some very nice barrel work for me recently.
  17. A gun in the editor’s top drawer

    Glock with a safety?
  18. Saxonville Armory sale

    Honestly I'm not that famliar with the Tavor, I don't recall which model it was, other than it was 5.56. However I didn't see it on the shelf this morning, so either they sold it or the owner took it back.
  19. Saxonville Armory sale

    Just picked up my barrel today. The workmanship is top notch, unless you know where to look you'd never know there's a pin. Some people like the pin to be obvious, but the sales guy apologized that the gunsmith is a perfectionist ;) I'll definitely be using their services in the future.
  20. Saxonville Armory sale

    I stopped by Saxonville Armory yesterday to have a barrel pinned/welded. (I've used Adco in the past but this time they're not responding, probably due to threats from Maura.) Nice guys there, they have a small retail section, but they said they're going to stop selling retail and just do...
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