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  1. Resizing .223 - ring on brass

    Hey all - quick question on the brass pictured below. After resizing, there is a ring on the brass, which can be felt with a fingernail. It has happened on two out of 150 so far. Dies are new RCBS .223/5.56 AR dies. I'm wondering if this is a concern, or if they are still usable. I've reloaded...
  2. MA Senate Chair & House Chair - Letter to Baker

    Senator Gobi posted this letter to her FB which was sent to Baker. Step to correct Baker/Healey.
  3. Hand Sanitizer

    I’ve found a source for hand sanitizer. Ordered some tonight. They have 4 or 8 ounce bottles, individual/half case/full case, or bulk by the gallon or 5 gallon. Not associated in any way with the source, just sharing what I found in-stock. Go to and type hand sanitizer in...
  4. 9mm LRN?

    Awhile back I was handed some projectiles, of what I assume to be 9mm. They weigh 124 grains and measure at .356-.357”. As compared to 115 grain FMJ at .355” and 115 grain Berry’s at .356”. I’m wondering if these are 9mm?
  5. Off-hand accuracy @ 100 yards

    Backstory: I had an opportunity to get to the range this AM for a solid 3 1/2 hours. Brought out some .22's to sight in, and brought my AR's (5.56 & 300BLK). One of my buddies went and brought along a 16" steel gong which we set out at 100 yards. It was fairly easy to consistently hit off-hand...
  6. Dot vs Circle Dot

    Looking to get a red dot for my 300 BLK, and likely going with the Sig Romeo5 (AAA powered). I can't decide between just the dot, or the circle dot. Putting up a poll - what's your vote & why?
  7. Watch Pocket Knife

    I'm in the market for a small pocketknife, something to keep in the watch pocket of my jeans. Looking for no more than 3" OAL. I've been scouring BladeHQ for hours, and not really finding anything that interests me. Recommendations?
  8. Keyholing - Winchester Q3131

    Had some range time with my AR today and got to run a few different kinds of 5.56 through it. ZQ1 (62gr, STANAG 4172), PMC X-Tac (55gr, XP-193), WWB (55gr, Q3131). The ZQ1 and PMC ran great, and to my surprise, the PMC showed good accuracy. I had multiple issues with the Winchester white box...
  9. Excessive wear on trigger face - DPMS LPK

    I used a DPMS LPK on my latest build. I've only got 100 rounds through this gun. I noticed the trigger had some grit and creep that wasn't there at first. I took the hammer and trigger out of the lower and noticed a groove worn into the trigger face. There is noticeable depth to this groove...
  10. Barrel Re-crown

    Last year I picked up a South Bend lathe from a fellow NESer. It took a while to get the electrical done and acquire tooling. Now that its been running and I put in some time with the machine, I decided it was time to re-crown a .22 rifle that had some rust issues on the end of the barrel & in...
  11. Ruger SR22, hammer & punch and Solid Edge

    I purchased a new Ruger SR22 pistol a few weeks ago for a range plinker, and really wanted to put a Burris Fastfire style sight on it. After researching, there are no bolt on options to attach a sight to the slide. The only next option was to get creative. I never like taking a...
  12. WTS WTS/WTT: Go Cart

    Lets try this again: Location : Monson, MA Description : Custom fabricated go cart. 8hp Briggs, approx 5 hrs on rebuilt motor. Heavy duty tube frame, aluminum motor mounts. NEEDS Comet TAV 30 or chinese equivalent replacement clutches. Clutch mounting plate is good, just needs...
  13. Insight on Flashlights

    As far as flashlights go, I've got a couple older Maglites around the house. They have been upgraded with Nite Ize LED bulbs. I have recently been looking into buying a couple "tactical" flashlights. Something smaller, brighter, and easy to carry. More and more I'm finding myself in need of a...
  14. New Acquisitions for September

    Yes. I got a deal of a lifetime. Picked up two Hardigg Storm cases at a tag sale. Very lightly used. See pictures for cases and pricetags. I didn't feel the need to haggle the prices[smile]
  15. New Acquisitions For August

    Here's my big purchase for the year. Once the DSLR is unpacked, I'll have to take better pictures. Built in 1889. Not pictured is the original barn. Also not pictured is the deck & hot tub.
  16. 1911 FTF

    I recently built a 1911, and I am experiencing a FTF issue. I'm looking for how/why this is happening. I'm using a Chip McCormick 8 round magazine. If I load the magazine to 8 rounds & insert the mag with the slide locked back, then close the slide, the nose of the round dips and jams...
  17. Another 1911 Budget Build - Final Assembly Complete

    I've been on a kick to find a decent used 1911 that was affordable. HAH!!! The closest I came to affordable was an Argentine 1927. Internals were good, but the exterior of the gun was rough. Very rough. Looks like it was used as a hammer more than once. That and I would have to swap some parts...
  18. Anyone else going to Maine?

    I'll be headed up to a friends camp near Lincoln, Maine on 10/13 through 10/15. Just bought my non-res 3 day small game permit. We'll be up there for Grouse. Anyone else going to be up there?
  19. CETME Mags - CHEAP!

    I noticed a half a dozen or so CETME mags at Nick's Sport Shop in Palmer MA. Price tag? $5/ea! Just a head's up for anyone who has a CETME.
  20. Will a Moss500/Rem870 stock fit a Sears 200?

    I've searched for awhile now and nothing has turned up... I'm wondering if either a Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 stock will fit a Sears 200. The Sears 200 is a Winchester 1200/1300, with the one difference being the cut on the back of the reciever. The Sears reciever is a flat cut, while the...
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