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  1. WTS Henry .44 Mag/.44Spl Single Shot Rifle H015-44 w/ scope & case

    WTS/WTT *LIKE NEW* Henry 44 Mag/.44Spl Single Shot Rifle H015-44 (used for very-limited ballistics/load testing only) Includes Talley 760420 Scope Ring (30mm), CenterPoint Lock Turret 3X12 Scope, economy (but decent) padded molded case, instructions for rifle & scope, and extra set of discreet...
  2. The line-up (.....what are you making?)

    All .44 mag I'm afraid - but with a bit of "diversity". :D 225gn DHP/Hi-Tek, 240 gn LSWC/Hi-Tek, 240gn PFP, 200gn RNFP/Hi-Tek, 240gn XTP-JHP, 215 gn RNFP
  3. WTS Vega (Deering) Little Wonder 5-string Openback

    Know anybody looking for a 5-string banjo for Christmas ? :D:D:D Beautiful (Made in USA) Deering-Vega Little Wonder 5-string open-back banjo. OHSC included. This is the "un-scooped" version and has a beautiful sound. Excellent Condition. Comes with a JD Balch premium goatskin head and a Romero...
  4. WTS Please remove !

    Please remove !
  5. Projectile weights

    This may be academic, but I'm wondering if anyone who weighs lead (unjacketed) bullets uses any other tolerance aside the SAAMI spec (which I think is +/-1.5% for bullets >100 gn) I took 3 100 piece samples (240gn LSWC) from different manufactures and compiled the following data which was about...
  6. WTS Delete Please !

    Delete Please !
  7. NHTA shoot at PSC Cancelled for 22 Aug 2021

    The Peterborough Sportsmen's Club has decided to cancel today's registered ATA shoot due to the uncertainty of the weather related to Hurricane Henri. Public trap practice is still scheduled for Sunday's and Thursdays from 9AM-12PM and clays/skeet Wednesdays 10AM-12:30PM and Saturdays 9AM-1PM.
  8. "5X Brass Bucket"

    Apologies if this has been covered before, but: So I arbitrarily made a "5X bucket" for my .44 mag brass (all from new WIN WSC44MU) - a place to put brass after a fifth resize, de-prime and clean (5 reloads). I went through it last night - and frankly it all looked pretty close to brand new...
  9. Gordon's Reloading Tool

    I just started using this, mostly to compare some of the chrono data I've accumulated with potential GRT results. Generally I like the interface. One hitch: I know the physical difference between "barrel length" and "projectile path" - but does anyone know what exactly the relationship is in...

  11. Bullet dropper for cast / poly cast bullets?

    Newbie alert ! Anyone know of any good bullet droppers (for an LNL turret) for cast / poly cast bullets (.44 mag)? I'm told the Hornady set/crimp dies are specifically for jacketed bullets, and MBF and RCBS do .41 and .45 but "don't do" .44 mag. Any ideas ! :cool:

    PLEASE DELETE ! Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide me with a signed copy of your dealer's FFL (or your 03FFL if this is a Curio and Relic). For private party face-to-face transactions (only permitted by...

  14. Just when I was getting use to 380s in the 9mm brass pile;

    Now we have 9mm Br. C. - first time I started finding these. I think these are Browning - correct? They're kind of like................."shorty 9s". :cool:

  16. Reloading Progress !

    I meant to post this earlier: no big deal to this group - but definitely reloading progress for someone just starting out. (25', strong hand, S&W PC 986 2.5" - all shots DA) Right side is Rem 115g MC warm up shots, and the left are my first 7 9mm reloads (4.2 gr Alliant SP behind 115g XTP JHP...
  17. "Full length sizing die" question:

    So, I've got the LNL AP working great (with new 9mm brass). Stations 2-5 (PTX/Lock out die/bullet drop/seat-taper crimp) work almost effortlessly. Final weights and OAL are very repeatable and I've put several hundred rounds through it so far with no problems. Last night I started with some...
  18. "We have guns"

    Interesting twist --> here.
  19. Any good primer tricks?

    Last week I made my first 5 live 9mm rounds, and last night I made my first 50. Things went very well with the LNL AP. The worst part of the night was "manipulating" the primers........ :rolleyes: My apologies if this has been covered before - but is they any secret method of (efficiently)...
  20. "Powder Cop"

    I'm new to reloading and once I saw this, I knew it will never take the place of actually measuring a load - but I see it as a useful tool to avoid FUBAR's. Does anyone use one of these regularly, and if so what do you think about it. I suspect it slows down the process slightly but could be...
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