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  1. Can you say “Hunter Harrassment?”

    This kid needs a lesson in manners View:
  2. BRNO 611

    Anybody here familiar with this particular rifle? Back in the Spring one of my favorite Uncles died. His bother, another favorite of mine, is in the process of breaking up the estate. Early this summer he sent along a great collection of knives and I just got a message that he is sending a BRNO...
  3. Guarded--- Photographs of women and thier defense tools.

    Notice the one thing none of these women in the photo series are using for defense - - - Updated - - - And who knew that Bubbles had a sister?
  4. The first flag to fly over Iwo Jima

    Quick interesting story. wonder what became of the first flag?
  5. Band of Brothers William "Wild Bill" Guarnere house preserved

    Pretty nice story of a guy looking to flip a house for a quick profit and then deciding to do something even more rewarding.
  6. War Ink

    24 Veterans, 100 Tattoos, 1000 Stories A new web page about Veterans and the stories that their tattoos tell has been created. It looks like this one may be very interesting to look at. There is a link to a video below and the link to a web page that goes live tomorrow. May get dusty...
  7. Colorado Mag limit being ignored

    Seems the good people of Colorado simply don't care about asinine laws, who would have thought?
  8. Photo of Veterans of the Napoleonic Wars

    Just cool photos
  9. A teacher who gets its

    Lots of comments here about teachers getting it wrong when it comes to teaching about the Bill of Rights especially when it comes to Amendment 2. My daughter is taking two AP courses this year at a charter school here in Ma. Her Advanced Placement US History instructor has his PHD in History...
  10. Gun Wars

    Interesting site, take it for what you will.
  11. The Ross Rifle

    Interesting read (and some video) of Canada's Ross Rifle. Was unfamiliar with it until now
  12. If Boris spoke Spanish
  13. Yea, so this shows up on FB, yikes
  14. VB goes FR

    He just ranted on Fox this morning regarding guns. Total meltdown Demanding Obama go on tv and discuss 1. Outlawing certain guns and types of ammo (guns that shoot 7000 times a second) lol 2. Take on the 2nd amendment directly 3. Why have amour piercing ammunition is not protected by the 2nd...
  15. D-Day broadcast

    D-Day invasion broadcast
  16. Another Celebrity compare herself to a warrior

    and a great response from a Green Beret
  17. Why men love war

    Having never served I have know idea, but a good read none the less.
  18. M1 Carbine

    After lusting after these for years I finally scored one here on NES. Damn these things are cool and this one is a beauty. Thanks Tom Anybody have a sling and/or mags to sell?
  19. Theoretical Purchase

    So, if you had the opportunity to pick up any S&W pistol without price being an object, what would you choose and why?
  20. Well researched and written article

    Worth a look
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