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  1. Our Son Passed Away On Friday

    Prayers and condolence for your families loss
  2. Our Son Passed Away On Friday

    Prayers and condolences for your family loss
  3. Any hope for things to get better in near future in MA?

    Mass follows California, NY, New Jersey and Connecticut, Rhode Island .....along with a whole bunch of other shit hole states that are all about control and they have been controlled by the left so long they don't even know what right is at this point. Want to know what they will be like in 5...
  4. Detective sues Sig Sauer after she says her holstered P320 handgun nearly killed her

    Ever seen the shit some of these woman carry in a purse thats more like a weekender getaway suitcase? If it were emergency food supplies you would be able to eat 3 meals a day for a month.;)
  5. McCloskey’s Pardoned

    BLM should have never entered the property and gone through their gates BLM should have never been allowed to march on private property BLM should not be a recognized force for any form of change is a free society They should have never been charged for defending their property or selves People...
  6. Can I Take Possession of Rifle from Non-Licenesed Guy?

    Perhaps it was stolen or as someone already mentioned used in a crime. Sounds very suspicious.:cool:
  7. And more interesting news

  8. Detroit - police drive away from a drive by shooting

    This- That dashcam video is very close to the crime scene in my mind.
  9. The Five NEVERS of Self-Defense

    Never announce what you plan to do in a confrontation in the form of threats or warnings. JUST DO IT!:)
  10. CNN Town Hall: Joe Biden Suggests a 9mm Pistol Ban

    I see this and have to wonder about the few cars or trucks I see on the road with Biden/Harris stickers. They are probably also in cognitive decline not to see the damage they have caused to the country so far. 2022 cannot come soon enough to shut down Obama and minions! (Oops I mean Biden and...
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