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  1. WTB Looking for a Yildiz SPORTING HPS 12 GA

    Looking for one of these as a cheaper Sporting shotgun, not sure if any are up here since these are from academy sports. But though i would ask. Open to other ideas in the 700 dollar range. K
  2. Doctor ‘removed’ from Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis for having unloaded rifle

    Anybody know anything else in this story...
  3. Whats up with cost of lever actions and revolvers....

    I have been looking for a 22 S&W revolver, honestly not the most practicle self defense weapon. However, searching the market place a S&W 617 goes for more than a 686, seriously what is up with this market? Similarly Henry lever actions are bananas... Is this a wheel gun revolution or the...
  4. WTB S&W 617 4 inch or Ruger equivalant

    Hi all, I am looking for either a S&W or Ruger 22 4 inch revolver. Let me know what you got, K
  5. WTB FB Radom Beryl 7.62x39 or 223

    I know this is a long shot but looking for one of these: Thanks K
  6. WTB 32 KFR PTR 200

    Looking if anyone has one, or a dealer has one in Mass. 32 KFR PTR 200
  7. Anyone else get one of these today?

    Amazing how dysfunctional they are, I submitted my ask the expert back in May... Our sincere apologies. Months ago, the Ask the Expert mailbox was under construction. Unfortunately, this change effected some incoming emails. Below are the answers to our most common questions. ·...
  8. WTS Sold

    sold, thanks
  9. WTB PS5 Disc

    I know this is a long shot but am exhausting all options. Looking for a PS5 Disc edition to purchase or can trade 223 or 9mm or 762x39 for. I was smart enough to stock up on that but not the kids presents go figure.
  10. WTS Apple Watch Nike Series 3 GPS + Cellular

    WTS Used Apple Watch Nike Series 3 GPS and Cellular - Unlocked 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Nike Sport Loop - Midnight Fog (Never Worn) Just upgraded to a Series 5, no need for this one. Has some signs of wear (a couple of scratchs on the face, but nothing visible). Comes with the Loop bracelet...
  11. Fd258 forms help

    Hello All, I filed my form 1 but like a dumbass, I did not know that I had to have the fd258le forms in hand for submission. A couple questions can I use fd258 forms instead? I ordered some but have heard it will take more than 10 days. If I need the le’s they could send? Happy to refund...
  12. Hyrdo dipping

    Can anyone recommend a local place (MA, NH) that does hyrdodipping for rifle stocks? Also anyone have experience with how it holds up? I am thinking of getting a stock dipped in some camo and wanted to ask around first. Thanks
  13. Anyone a member at Riverside

    Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone is a member at riverside? Looking for a club with some decent archery and have heard some nice things about riverside. I am a member of WPR which is great but looking for another place in addition. Would anyone be willing to help show the club or maybe sponsor...
  14. Binocular Recommondations

    I wanted to survey the wider audience and see if people could recommend some good binoculars for my father for Christmas, he mostly watches birds and seals down on cape and looking to spend under 300 for a set. Seems like that gives me options for some nicer things without going crazy. Any...
  15. Glock MAG repair/rebuild question

    Hi all, I picked up an older u notch glock 9mm mag. I was at the range today and I loaded it and the base plate pipped off. Is this a simple rebuild with a new base plate or is there a chance the actual body is toast and I am out a couple bucks? Thanks for your input, K Sent from my A0001...
  16. Firearm Insurance Questions

    I was tallying up how much i have invested in the safe, and I was startled by the replacement cost if something were to happen. I was wondering if folks here use their home owners insurance or purchase specific plans for replacement. Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated. K
  17. Help transferring in a rifle and compliance work

    Can anyone recommend a shop in the metrowest or central mass area that would accept an AK and then pin the barrel and grind the bayonet mug to make it compliant. I have reached out to several vendors and gotten no response. Any help would be appreciated. K
  18. Any AK builders out there?

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone could recommend a smith that could put together a AK parts kit with a receiver for me. I just do not trust my self with the rivets, and want to build out a polish AK, and parts kit appears to be the only way to go for me. Ideally this would be...
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