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  1. s&w model 10 question

    i recently picked up a used model 10 .38 speacial. great gun, and a blast to shoot. my problem is i've searched and searched and can't seem to find out when it was made. i can find info on all serial numbers but this one. BSP10xx i know i can probally call smith and wesson but if someone knows...
  2. got a new (to me) gun last week.

    So i picked up a smith and wesson model 10, 2in barrel. This thing is a blast, flawless condition shoots great and carry's nice to. My first wheel gun. When i get a new cam i'll post a pic. Don't know much about it though everyone tells me to buy the book. The serial start's with BSP. If anyone...
  3. FREE SHELLS in uxbridge ma

    Does anybody need 12 gauge shells? I have a five gallon bucket full of shells i shot only once. All differant size loads mostly 3in shells but proablly a few 3.5s. I'm big on not leaving shells on the ground so i always take my shells but there just sitting in this room encase i ever start to...
  4. pepper spray to tenn.

    The girlfreind and i are riding the bike out to deals gap, tenessee. Obviously not going to bring the pistol but how many states can i carry pepper spray through. Going through mass, conn, ny, vi, nc, and tenn. Can't wait. Thank's.
  5. avitar

    How do i put up an avitar? Thanks.
  6. shooting at my house

    Where can i find all the laws about shooting on my own private land?
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