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  1. Haverhill recent grad shot and killed.

    This is true, i went to trade school with Spag's Grandson. Granted, he is not Bill Gates but he was pretty rich
  2. Need help 38spcl for a 357case

    If you load it in a 357 case it is a 357.
  3. Help me choose a 1911

    The Sig ttt is a great gun for the money
  4. Paris's Notre-Dame: Attacker shot outside cathedral

    France let these radicals take over their country and now they are surprised they are having issues.
  5. Guy points gun at robber, robber shoots good guy

    When you have to shoot, shoot, dont talk
  6. Ruger 10/22 help They are $234 you give them a deposite and have it shipped to your local dealer. The prices change a little amoung dealers so if you have more than one local to you check them all. I have purchased 2 guns this way and had them delivered to B&k in Natick. it was very fast and...
  7. 22 rim fire recommendations

    10/22 is your best bet. They are inexpensive and accurate right out of the box. Put a BSA sweet 22 scope on it with an upgraded sear and you will be amazed. The 15-22 is also cool but it is more money and not as accurate. The 10/22 will also cycle just about anything. Another cheap upgrade to...
  8. N/D Of The Week

    Never under estimate stupidity
  9. Safe thoughts

    I would not worry about it as long as the floor is solid. My safes are in the basement but I had a stand with 2 50gallon fish tanks with no issues and that was on 4 fairly small legs so the lbs per sq in was crazy. With a safe wit a foot print of 24X24 even at 900 lbs is still only a couple...
  10. Reily's is empty and they have an amazing 9mm deals

    Most of teh online places have comparable pricing, free shipping and no driving.
  11. After "upgrade" to Win10, my login is not persistent

    Clear out you cookies. I have seen this a few times.
  12. Police cruiser hits, kills pedestrian on the Cape

    Moron walking on the yellow line at 2am. No ones fault but his own, no driver would have expected this. This is a good example of PSGWSP
  13. Will there be steel challenge at Worcester this year ?

    The guy who ran them had some issues keeping him from being able to continue to run them. There has been no talk of anyone else taking it over.
  14. CCI Mini Mags

    last time i was at Cabelas they had a lot of them.
  15. Ammo DeciBel test (22)

    I have a Remington 513-t and with CCI quiets you can not even hear it. it is quieter than an air gun.
  16. I am unable to Reply to items that are for sale on this site.

    And rare and less than 200 rounds

    How long before he "finds" some bullets on his property. He seems like a professional complainer.
  18. Ruger MK I, II, III or 22/45

    A friend of mine just got one of the S7W Victory 22 pistols. it shoots real nice
  19. Need new washer and dryer (and a good dealer)

    This for sure. My brother bought a Fridge, washer and dryer from them. They were constantly broken and parts were difficult to get
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