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  1. Driving to and through New Jersey with guns?

    What do you guys do when you have to drive through or stop in New Jersey and you want to carry? Does FOPA still work in NJ? Hollow point ammo is a no-go, too deadly in NJ, as well as the usual 'assault weapon and high capacity clip ban thing'. NY seems friendlier to out of staters with guns - I...
  2. "An armed society is a polite society"

    Let's arm all the students then there won't be any more spree killers lol. View:
  3. Cerakote recs near Springfield MA?

    Anyone can recommend a good cerakote place in or near Springfield MA? A little bored of the bling bling blinding shiny stainless slide FNX-9 I've got and want to get it looking like the black version. Thanks
  4. Taxing $100 per bullet Reminds me of the Chris Rock stand up on gun control where he proposed the solution to ending gun violence is taxing $5000 per bullet. No homie is...
  5. Chile President plans to ban all gun ownership

    How will he do it? Will he hire Beto to lead the door to door SWAT efforts?
  6. New York to ban body armor

    Only the protected class will get to have body armor vests. How many other states will follow? Doesn't Connecticut already ban the online sales of it?
  7. What is a "Mass Shooting" according to the media?

    Is it whenever an incident with a gun involved and four or more people get hurt or killed for whatever reason in the vicinity? For example, if someone shoots a gun in the air causing panic and people run and trip over themselves, four people spraining their ankles, is that a mass shooting? Or do...
  8. Jasmin headshots Black police chief - accident or nah? Jasmin the Instagram influencer said she was trying to eject the magazine and the gun (a Glock 17) automatically pointed itself at the police chief's head and fired. She does...
  9. Rona Super Spreader Event Planned for 6/11/22

    Will they require everyone registering and showing up to be triple-boosted-fully-vaxxed?
  10. "Gun Owners For Safety"

    Watch out for the new anti's tagline. David Hogg came up with this and supposedly "a lot of gun owners" are supportive of the efforts. Exhibit A "Chris"
  11. "88 percent of all Americans support UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS" Seriously where are these polls being given? How come I never come across it and have a chance to join the count?
  12. California paying $35 per AR-15 mag, no questions asked

    Good quick way to flip a buck. Or... IT'S A TRAP?
  13. Biden's ATF guy doesn't want to define what is an "assault weapon" Place bets they'll redefine 'assault' firearms as anything semi-automatic that accepts a detachable magazine? And it's no longer 'assault' if it has a fixed non removeable ten/seven round mag?
  14. BPD shocked youngins carrying guns Where are they getting the guns from? Thought you need an LTC and guns registered on the FA10 here...
  15. Gun Bunnies - Picture Thread

    Who are NES's fav gun bunnies? I'll start with Alex Zedra
  16. Gmconn Amazon cheap Chinese lights

    Anyone have experience with these ultra cheap weaponlights? Good for secondary nightstand gun, would you trust it? Yeah yeah it's Chinese made so thumbs down but how can you really F up making a CNC aluminum flashlight host with a drop in Cree LED? Is it really worth paying $400 for a made in...
  17. We had EIGHT mass shootings this weekend?

    CNN says we had 8 mass shootings this weekend. Why wasn't it all over the news and people calling for a ban on weapons of war on our streets?
  18. Delete

  19. California citizens will "enforce" assault weapons ban lol. How soon will this come to MA
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