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  1. [SOLD] WTS: Zanotti Armor ZA2 Safe (older) [SOLD]

    Location : Wayland, MA Description : This is an older ZA2 5 foot tall safe. Always indoors and in good shape. I just don't need it anymore. Electronic lock, with the 9 volt backup pins on the outside. 15 long guns on the left, shelves on the right, deep shelf on top. Selling Terms ...
  2. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    ~ 3 weeks in Wayland. LTC A unrestricted, free to carry once again, after having my 10 year unrestricted yanked from me by the idiot politician in Watertown.
  3. Ranges that allow/put on a semi-private event?

    I have a budget at work to do a fun team building exercise. I have about 9 people plus myself, that I'd like to take someplace to try some shooting. (Minuteman does this, but is booked through the end of the year. (I'm still working with them to see if I can pay them to hold a private...
  4. In a bit of a bind... Need Safety Class before August 21?

    Jack O is going to take care of me. Thanks to all!
  5. In a bit of a bind... Need Safety Class before August 21?

    So, my LTC expires on Aug 21. I'm renewing in Watertown. Even though I have full ALP, going on 7 years now, (Framingham and Scituate) I know I'll get restricted. I can live with it for a year or two until real estate bounces back and I can get out.. The problem is, in order to submit...
  6. Frisoli Attacks

    Not to mention, the entire article is actually faulty. They DID indict the guy, but the evidence was not there. The wife refused to testify. I'm not a Martha fan, but... should she be wasting time on unwinnable cases with no evidence?
  7. Abandon Ship!!!! Muffy Going Down In Flames!!! Pack Up And Head To New Hampshire!!!!

    a poll consisting of a whopping 400 people taken in the MAJORLY DEMOCRATIC DOWNTOWN AREA BY SUFFOLK STUDENTS is supposed to be telling us what the election results will be?
  8. 80% recievers & manufacturing in MA

    I heard about KT Ordnance. Apparently his faux pas was not only selling the 80%, but inviting people into his shop, inserting piece in fixture, and basically telling the end purchaser 'push this button here'. At least, thats what has been bandied about on various internet forums. There's a...
  9. 80% recievers & manufacturing in MA

    I decided to go ahead and actually retain a lawyer buddy to look this up.
  10. 80% recievers & manufacturing in MA

    80% doesn't show anything. Neither does 'Manufacturing'. What search terms are you using?
  11. 80% recievers & manufacturing in MA

    I've read about these 80% recievers and manufacturing. Metalworking being an interest of mine, I was curious about the legal requirements to do this in MA? Is there anything special involved? FA-10? Not for resale, Just for personal use. Also curious if it has to meet some kind of...
  12. Firearms Training

    I highly recommend!
  13. Jewish Gun Owners

    A good place for you to start might be:
  14. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    My third term renewal in Watertown, I was told they 'do not issue ALP, even to police officers.' And a Somerville cop who used to work in watertown told me that they denied him too!

    I want to go, depending on scheduling.
  16. Mass. LTC Class A-All Lawful Purposes licensees

    I didn't have to sign any contract, but this was a few years ago. I also didn't have to take any fancy course, but I did choose to take a good one offered by the MBTA cops.
  17. Getting an LTC in MA - not the quickest thing to do...

    4 weeks is pretty fast for the first time around. Took me more like 2 months.
  18. Mass. LTC Class A-All Lawful Purposes licensees

    Brookline said hell no to ALP, but they were perfectly happy to issue a hunting/target if you took the course. Framingham was where I got my ALP, BUT, I had a stack of training paperwork, including Sig Academy courses to back it up, and I went in there clear that I wasn't going to back down...
  19. New folks check in and say HI #2

    Hi Hi. Found you on Four Season's website. On most of the big forums for years. arfcom, etc. Live in Watertown, MA.
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