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  1. Took the dremel to the legion today..

    Took the steel frenzy class this past Friday, and I noticed that the flashing on the beavertail was rubbing on my thumb enough to create irritation and a blister. So what started as taking some sandpaper to smooth that raised edge out turned into dremeling the whole beavertail to reshape it. I...
  2. WTS 5.56 ammo - Malaysian M193 - 20 boxes - 400rnds

    20 boxes (400 rounds total) of Malaysian M193 55gr 5.56 ammo. Asking $240. Hard to find any ammo around these days. Cheapest I've seen on ammoseek is around 70cents a round. Will sell this for 60cents a round. Prefer to sell as a whole lot, but would be willing to split in half. Willing to...
  3. p80 compact longslide frames at midway usa

    p80 discontinued their compact longslide 80% frames (glock 19 grip with 17 length slide... so a grip chopped 17. opposite of the 19x basically). midway seems to have the last batch they just got in stock.
  4. Legion X5 on the target roster

    looks like the target roster got updated for sept 2019 and the 320 legion x5 is on there now. good news for sig fans since the original x5 on the list isn't getting produced anymore and the tan version is a different model number not on the list. wonder when we'll start to see them in stores...
  5. A new Sig P365 variant

    Sig Sauer Quietly Launches the P365 SAS Pistol | RECOIL sig just launched a new variant of the p365 aimed even more for concealed carry.
  6. 9mm 1911 chewing up brass...

    father in law just picked up a new to him 9mm 1911. Springfield range officer elite. Nice gun but noticed it would bend the brass 1 or 2 rounds every mag. this happened with both factory mags included. what say the NES brain trust...
  7. WTT Mini Fridge

    Have an old mini fridge with separate top freezer. It's not close to new, but would make an OK shop room fridge for a few cold beers and extra ice packs or what not. We just don't need it anymore, and hate the idea of throwing it out. Honestly, make any offer. Will take a few boxes of ammo...
  8. borrowing a gun for extended period

    are there any issues with borrowing a handgun for an extended period of time? both parties have ltc. no hi cap mags. all kosher right?
  9. WTS Yakima Whispbar Roof Rack Crossbars

    Have a set of yakima whispbar crossbar roof rack system with the mounting kit for 2014-current grand cherokee flush rails. These are more aerodynamic to reduce wind noise produced. asking $150 obo. could be opened to trades, but cash is preferred. PM for pics.
  10. Free - Older Slingbox HD

    older Slingbox HD. this is several years old. you hook up a video source and it streams it over the internet. To be honest, I haven't used it in years and not sure if it's even supported anymore. Just felt like a waste to throw it out. First to claim it gets it. Pick it up in Melrose area...
  11. What do you do with old magazine springs and followers?

    What do you all do with old springs/followers? I replaced a bunch of prebans with new springs and magpul followers. Any use for the old springs and black followers?
  12. XDs Mod2 9mm... do we all still hate springfield?

    Just saw the official email announcement for the XDs Mod2 in 9mm (the .45 has been out for a while already). Anyone else find this interesting? Have we forgiven springfield yet?
  13. Live near school, any issues keeping firearms at home??

    I'll probably get sh*t for even asking, but the wife is insisting I check... We'll be renting a new apartment that is next to school (pre k/kindergarden I think). Any issues with owning firearms in the home, given we're very close to a school that is likely a gun free zone? Also, can a...
  14. Suggestions for venue for graduation party north of Boston (rt1 or 93)??

    Figured I'd see if anyone had any suggestions. Planning a surprise party for my wife who's graduating from grad school in a few weeks. Trying to find a good venue north of Boston (we live in Quincy, her family is coming from Gloucester). Friends coming from all over the Boston area. I don't...
  15. Public range near bretton woods, NH??

    Will be up at a retreat this summer up in Bretton Woods, NH. Looking for a public range nearby to maybe do some shooting. Anyone know of anything within a reasonable driving distance?
  16. Planning cross country road trip...

    Looking to do a cross country drive across the US hitting up all lower 48 states. What's the best way to go about protection? I know some statess have reciprocity and there's is that Utah ccw permit thing. Any thoughts? Sent from my HTC6535LVW using Tapatalk
  17. NJ logic on guns now for your dogs too! how long before 'assault dogs' are banned... I imagine majority of these people in NJ up in arms about this law are the same people who think more gun control helps... thank god I left that state...
  18. Batteries

    Looks like Radioshake is liquidating its inventory. Was in the downtown crossing store and they had huge surplus of alkaline and li ion batteries marked 60% off. They are the Radioshack/enercell brand but the pricing seemed pretty decent for the number of batteries you're getting.
  19. Moving to MA... Do you need to register?

    A friend is moving to MA from NJ and has a few toys (all MA legal since NJ sucks too). Will she need to register her toys?
  20. Club near Quincy

    Hey everyone. Looking for a good club convenient to Quincy. I was a member at Braintree but looking for a bit nicer facility and somewhere that does some more action shooting (idpa or uspsa) as that's something I've always been interested in. Overall looking for clean and relaxed place.
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