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  1. Inconsistant expansion

    So I was loading some 9 yesterday and I was having inconsistent expansion. I am am running on a load master withe the Lee powder through die. Every 5 cases or so I get one that is way over expanded. I am going to take it apart to see if I see anything. Has any one experienced this. It has worked...
  2. XL650 purchase

    So I am seriously considering a Dillon XL650. For the longest time here everyone recommended Brian Enos as the place to purchase. It would appear they no longer sell Dillon presses. Any other recommended vendors.
  3. 1911 issue

    So lately my Remington 1911 has has an issue chambering the first round. It doesn't happen all the time and I had attributed it to being dirty. I have tried different ammo and 5 different mags and they all have the same issue. The round will be sitting at teh mouth of the barrel and the rear of...
  4. Alien gear holsters

    I am considering getting one of the cloak tuck 3.0 for my EDC. I have a really crappy Blackhawk and need to upgrade. There are so many options out there but these seem to get good reviews. Anyone have any experience with them, thoughts good or bad. thanks
  5. Looking fora box of Aguila Colibri

    I am looking for a box of the primer only Aguila 22 to take care of an issue in my yard. Has anyone seen any in the Worcester area or have a box they would sell or trade for some regular 22. Is the CCI quiet as quite as the Colibri
  6. Egleston Munitions bullets

    Has anyone used the coated bullets from Eggleston Munitions.
  7. Mossberg 5500 questions

    I recently acquired a Mossberg 5500. Not the MKII version. I know it needs a good cleaning. I took it to the range and could not get it to pick up a round from the magazine tube to the chamber. I tried to find some info on line but there is little about this particular model. I did run across a...
  8. Brown truck brought a present

    Received today.I guess I need to get busy. Should hold me for a while
  9. Cochlear implants

    Anyone here shoot that has Cochlear implants. Do you just take them off or is there something else that can be done. My grandson has one in one ear and it will be a challenge trying to train him if he cant hear me. He does have a little hearing in one ear but it is not great. Thanks
  10. 22 rifle for a 10 year old

    I am going to be teaching my grand son how to shoot soon and I am going to be in the market for a small 22 rifle. I have heard of the crickets. Are there any other good youth rifles available. I am going to start him on a pellet/bb to get the basics but want to move up to a 22. My 10/22's are a...
  11. 38 sp loads

    I picked up some 158gn FP bullets and 38/357 dies I have Bullseye w231 and Titegroup Anyone have a favorite load they would like to share. Will be shooting out of a Colt Trooper. Thanks
  12. New Aquisitions for April 2016

    best gun eva
  13. 9mm plated 115 grain bullets with bullseye

    The only pistol loads I have done so far ar 45acp and I use 4.6gn's of Bullseye behind a 200gn bullet and they seem to work well. So I have everything to do some 9MM now and the powder recommendations are all over the place and in the same range as the .45 rounds. I have seen a couple recipes...
  14. Winchester safe hole location

    Is there anyone with a Tractor Supply 24 gun Winchester safe that can give me the measurements of the hole position that is in the back lower left corner from the inside. I am putting some lights in my safe and it is way to full and heavy to move away from the wall to locate the access plug. It...
  15. Primer Question

    I just realized I bought large pistol Magnum primers instead of regular large pistol primers. Can I use them (the magnum primers) with 45 ACP. Thanks
  16. Store clerk does the Crocodile Dundee on robber
  17. Splatter targets on sale at Midwayusa

    They have these splatter type targets for less than 10 cents a piece. great price they have the larger 8" ones as well for like 40 a piece
  18. Maxxtech 380

    Has anyone used this stuff. It is very reasonably priced for brass cased ammo. I believe it is actually made by Tula. I was going to purchase a case of it. thoughts? Thanks
  19. Worcester PD tase perp and he ends up dying
  20. More police protecting and serving can someone tell me why this wouldn't embed. i used the video button same as i always have
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