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  1. NRA Basic Pistol for CT non res permit

    Good luck! Im chipping away at it, need to do the prints, copy stuff, fill out the forms and mail it.
  2. NRA Basic Pistol for CT non res permit

    MFS' website says to call before taking the class and get your packet. I'm thinking they were surprised by some change CT made which made for some angry customers. Heres the cover sheet for the packet, looks like two payments 6 & 7, although maybe only 7 is an actual mailed check. I'll figure...
  3. NRA Basic Pistol for CT non res permit

    Oof thats no fun, so it's about a 6 week delay? I called the State and got my packet. I'm going to do a NRA Basic Pistol class hopefully soon and then work through the list in the packet.
  4. Pistol Access Lockbox

    I'm happy with my Vaultech VE10, considering getting a VE20 (little bigger) too.
  5. NRA Basic Pistol for CT non res permit

    I know Mass Firearms has a class for the CT non resident license and I see a couple NRA Basic Pistol on the NRA's website. Are there other places to look for one of these classes? Unfortunately I did the Home Safety class in a rush when I moved in for my LTC which doesn't have livefire and...
  6. SOLD Free shelving, bedframes, mattress, split box spring

    I'm going through things we no longer need and trying to make room. They're probably best for someone going to school, spare bedroom, kids or first house, etc. Don't feel obligated to take everything although that'd be great. The box spring/ mattress are bagged, other stuff could use a dusting...
  7. Belts by Hank...

    I have two. I have the gunner and the steel belted one. I don't regret my buys but they definitely didnt change my life the way reviews insinuated they would. Theyre good buys with the 20% off coupons, etc. I wear the gunner daily and it has definitely stretched and sags where I carry (AIWB)...
  8. Anyone see GP11 Swiss 7.5x55 around locally?

    I believe Hornady makes a 165gr load
  9. Alright ive tried finding these on my own but i need help

    Something like this?
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