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  1. June 3&4 Militaria & Gun Show W Springfield

    I'm looking for a couple oddball old military firearms and wondering if this show will be better than a typical gun show.
  2. Mass definition of occupied dwelling

    As it applies to hunting, what is the legal definition of "occupied dwelling"? I can find it defined for other states, but not Massachusetts. In some states it applies to houses occupied at least 6 months a year. In other it applies to even tents and sheds. I'm specifically interested in summer...
  3. Drug deaths up 7%-NYT calls for total ban on drugs (just kidding)

    Drug deaths are up to a record high of 47,000. and the New York Times is calling for less punishment for users:
  4. Parker River Area B-Where do you park?

    I went scouting today around the various Parker River hunting areas. I might be blind, but I could not locate the parking for area B at all. I saw the sign pointing down a gravel road, but that seems to end in someone's driveway. The pdf guide says access "by foot from parking lot via Newbury...
  5. Hostas are edible

    I just read that Hostas are edible. Exciting news for me as my house came with a bunch, and I have no use for strictly ornamental plants. Anyone tried eating them? Which type taste the best?
  6. Modify Hi Point 4595 to take standard 1911 mags

    I'd like to modify my soon to arrive Hi Point 4595 to take standard 1911 mags. Anyone done this or have a link to someone who has? I swear I remember seeing something about how this could be done, but I can't find it. Google returns plenty of results documenting how to modify 1911 magazines...
  7. 1911 or Glock Longslide?

    I'm considering a Glock 24 or 1911 long slide as my next purchase. I already have a few Glocks and a 5" 1911. For target shooting I like them about equally. This would strictly be a fun gun. Any comments from people who have experience with both or either?
  8. MA Charity that will take guns??

    I'd like to clear up my gun safe and have a few relatively low value long guns (bolt and single shot shotguns) I'd like to get rid of. I would like to give them to a worthy charity and avoid hassle of selling them. Anyone know of a local charity that might be interested?
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