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  1. Places you can't carry in MA

    Went to encore this past oct. No frisking, no detectors anywhere in the place. Even in the nightclub with a bunch of ghetto goblins in line, no checking for "weapons".
  2. Harris or Atlas

    I have a Harris knock off on my 12.5 LPVO Mini Recce rifle and a Magpul MLOK on my M5E1 308. I am a really satisfied with the Magpul. Was worth the $$$.
  3. show us your designer, tacticool, $$$ bug out bags [BOB bag]

    Are BOBs still a thing? I've never saw the point in one. A GHB does makes sense to me though; both myself and GF have one in each of our vehicles.
  4. Aimpoint on AK-47?

    yup, for me, it's balls on accurate at 100 yards shooting 3 inch plates.
  5. Aimpoint on AK-47?

    Holy post resurrection. Might as well add my 2 cents lol Preface this by saying, I have a Zastava EAA PAP so there are more options out there for a WASR. I used to use an Ultimak railed gasblock with a Primary Arms Micro and it was okay. I would assume an Aimpoint would be fine. I currently...
  6. 300BLK subsonics for defense??

    for subsonic, anything with a full copper projectile or a lead core with a insert with grooves so it splits open. Hornady SubX 190 grain Gorilla Ammo Silverback 205 grain Lehigh Defense Maximum Expansion 194 grain Lehigh Defense Controlled Fracturing198 grain
  7. Where To Shoot My Machine Gun?

    Member of Westwood as well. Great range, great people who run the place and go there. I left MRA for Westwood and couldn't be happier.
  8. 15 Y/O Boy Caught With Stolen Car & Gun In Dorchester

    wAz DiS 1 oF Does ScuRRy gHOstS GUnZ???:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  9. NYC carjacking in broad daylight…

    Legacy Place is always filled with unsavories at night, esp Friday through Sunday.
  10. printing in public in Mass. problems

    Never had a problem with printing since carrying Appx and I am a pretty slender tall guy who wears clothes that aren't oversized and actually fit me. I had wayyyy too anxiety and worrying about printing when carrying 4/5 position. Will never carry that way again.
  11. Today at Wal-Mart Sturbridge, MA

    Depends on where you buy it from. $0.76 a round for M80 is attainable.
  12. WTB 300 Blackout Subs

    Anyone in the Metrowest area have any extra 300 subs to sell off?
  13. HORRIFIC VIDEO: Puerto Rican Couple Yanked From Their Car and Shot By Mob of Black Men in Chicago

    I heard the 2 victims possibly were involved in an accident with a motorcycle and in true vibrant, ghetto minded fashion, they swarmed the truck. The dude driving should have had the doors locked and floored it.
  14. All I ask is 10 mins to help save SCOTUS!

    I expect this kind of naivety from a 2020/21 newb .... 2012 join date should give you a bit more wisdom and levity
  15. Pew: Amid a Series of Mass Shootings in the U.S., Gun Policy Remains Deeply Divisive

    "Mass shootings" gotta love the moving goal posts LOLOL A mass shooting now is, what, 3 or 4 persons involved in a shooting crime scene or something? LOL All these "mass shootings" are gang/drug related, happening in the inner cities, between black and/or hispanics.
  16. People Who Conceal Full Size Handguns

    It hasn't been a problem for me since I've lost 50 pounds and gone from a 38 to a 33/32 pant and XL to L in shirts. I can still conceal my G19 Appx no problem in smaller, more fitted shirts. The PPS is a lot less of a chore to handle in that instance but still doable with the G19.
  17. RI dealer selling long gun to Mass Resident

    Isn't there a Federal ATF ruling as well for any stripped lower receiver? Because of the ability of making an stripped virgin lower into a pistol it needs to go through a FFL of the state of the non resident? I believe an out of state dealer can sell a complete ar15 to a non resident in person...
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