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  1. Boyfriend loophole

    It's nothing new, try sitting pond side with a camera and see how fast the cops show up. Awhile back photography was a hobby of mine and I'd head out after work(3rd shift) to decompress from the BS. There was this one park I'd visit(4 of the 9 species of Herons in Ma. would frequent it) and...
  2. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    I'm going to have to one up you on that. Sure Kathy, I'm willing to go back to muskets so long as we wheel back all rights to May 29, 1790 when the Constitution was ratified. What were women's rights like back then again honey?
  3. Contact with Law Enforcement while concealed carrying question?

    I'd say a larger influence on how it's handled depends on how panicky the 911 call is. Pants shitters gonna shit pants.
  4. How to change the minds of 10 turncoat RINOs. Ideas?

    Not a clue, what I do know though is all of my pockets combined aren't deep enough to get any of them to "change their mind".
  5. Ghost Gun Mill

    Now that right there is some quality journalism.
  6. Deals and steals

    They could put a damn vintage state trooper light on the hood for all I care, I prefer to stay dry while in shitty weather. [laugh]
  7. Deals and steals

    Another vote for the DT socks, I've got IIRC 8 pairs of hiker boot full cushion and I have no idea(but it's a metric shit-ton) of ankle/just above ankle socks. So worth the money.
  8. Deals and steals

    Just picked up a Mountain Hardware Granite Glade(waterproof) jacket for $48 shipped, use code MAY65 for the savings. More options here.
  9. Optics, what's your preference for your rifles?

    Nobody said anything about going in ninja. :rolleyes:
  10. Optics, what's your preference for your rifles?

    Anyone who is anyone knows if you're going to "rock out with your c*ck out" you had better do as below to cover all contingencies.* Anything else and you're just half assing it. *Although, if they were truly covering all contingencies they'd have 550 corded everything to secure "it" to the...
  11. Carry at work?

    Metal detectors, only on the way out though. :rolleyes: Still though, the no Beretta 92 series signs on the doors makes the f**kheads feel safe in a building filled with all sorts of weaponry. [laugh] You all should've seen the look on one of the dolts face when I pointed out the fact that...
  12. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Same thing here.
  13. Is this a machinegun ?

    Also shows how little the judicial system cares for those paying their salaries.
  14. Which Branch of the US Military Service Offers the Best Quality of Life?

    Wow, seems the standards have dropped since I enlisted(Army).
  15. Which Branch of the US Military Service Offers the Best Quality of Life?

    Curious if that's still current. I worked with someone who just enlisted in the AF, at 29 years old. Zero college and, to me anyhow, didn't seem very bright.
  16. Deals and steals

    Strange, it's coming up the $103.99 for me.
  17. A military meme...

  18. Target Sports Mystery Gift

    Free worthless shit, IMO, is still worthless shit. If they choose to send anything next year(and I had any choice in it) I'd appreciate just an empty ammo can. I don't care for extraneous items just for the sake of it and I've already got ear pro and cleaning supplies well sorted. TSUSA, if...
  19. Target Sports Mystery Gift

    Truth. Mine was just these pretty worthless items. And two thin TargetSportsUSA banner stickers.
  20. Pick your cartridge.

    .40 S&W, bigger than 9mm and faster than .45 ACP. [pot]
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