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  1. USPSA Style Match at The Bradford Sportsmen's Club, Charlestown, RI Sunday, Sept 18th

    Many thanks to John Bannon and Jack Folloni for all the help. I had a lot of fun.
  2. Mossberg MVP Varmint- any reviews from owners?

    Thinking about buying MVP Varmint in 223/556- any owners here? Pros and Cons? Upgrades?
  3. 9 dead in biker shooting in Waco, Texas.

    No bystanders were hurt. more oxygen for us...
  4. Ruger Mark III - Thoughts?

    MKIII is a great plinker that can be a great Bullseye competition gun with some upgrades. There is a take down tool available now, for whiners who have tough time. I once took mine apart COMPLETELY, and with help of Youtube put it back together. Gun is indestructible.MKIII is in a very...
  5. Where to buy shellac flakes in Watrtown-Boston area

    You can buy shellac from Contenti supply online, shipped to your house. I have a box, lasts me for years now...
  6. Mosin Revolver

    Ahem, there is no such thing as 7.62x54R revolver. Nagant is chambered in 7.62 nagant or 7.62x35 wadcutter. By ingenious construction when firing cylinder moves forward and locks in with forcing cone, thus eliminating gas escaping from the sides. Nagant is one of few revolvers that takes a...
  7. CC in police station?

    @Rob Boudrie... Rob, i need a clarification then on the subject. Renewing non resident at DCJIS, letter specifically states NOT to bring guns in the building. Moreover, as this was never checked before, NOW there is a metal detector at the entrance. I leave mine in the truck safe, but have mags...
  8. Non-Resident MA & CT permits with RI Restricted Permit

    I have no experience with CT permit, but be aware that MA non resident is a yearly thing, $100.00 a pop and a trip to Chelsea to roll fingers and have a pleasant conversation for 5 min. That is AFTER your initial NRA certified pistol class- as MA requirement.
  9. Possibly moving to ri , some basic questions comparing ma and ri

    You should definitely call all 3 PDs and explain them error of their ways. I had a "pleasure" talking last year with Cumberland PD chief Desmarais ( president of Chief assoc at that time) on the subject of Assoc uniformly wanting to get rid of permit issuance alltogether. Care to know how far my...
  10. Possibly moving to ri , some basic questions comparing ma and ri

    AFAIK all three above mentioned towns do NOT issue CCL. RI AG is another route, but again AFAIK Kilmartin is preparing a nasty surprise.
  11. MA resident buying shotgun in RI

    Interesting how it "works". MA dealer would not even let you handle firearm if you are not MA resident ( ran into that issue several times) and even MA non resident permit or C&R license will not help much... Somebody from MA loudly complained to me that RI dealer did not check her ID when she...
  12. another non-res question

    Would be interesting to know if any RI COP issues non resident's...
  13. RI Non-Resident

    WHY would it be specifically allowed in the statute? By same token one can argue that they have every right to shoot the test seated, with bench rest, scoped gun with red dot.Do we have to write statute to every minute detail or common sense prevail? In any case, conversation is becoming...
  14. RI Gun Laws

    Len I do not see an issue with FFL transfer, unlike in Mass. But always worth to check with stores...
  15. RI Non-Resident

    I do completely agree with Rob. That is what was expected of me when I did my qualification, that is what I expect from people I qualify. There are people issuing MA Basic pistol certificates without even having taught the class. I am not one of them. As I stated above I will help and give...
  16. another non-res question

    How a Non RI resident can apply in certain RI town??? Unless you reside in THAT town? AFAIK non residents have to go through AG's office.
  17. RI Non-Resident

    Well then, there you have it. Best of luck.
  18. RI Non-Resident

    Well, it is there in the law, non the less, and we have to abide by it, until the law is changed. Mass requires NRA class with live fire training. I am willing to help out people and have some practice runs at the Army L, but no "props" please. Mind you- Crimson trace should be fine. Just when...
  19. RI Non-Resident

    Yep. I have seen people qualify with red dot Bullseye gun. Nothing in the law about that either. Scoring 195 out of 300 on Army L with the caliber you intend to carry should be no problem. Just an elementary proficiency with the firearm. Not that much of a hoop, no?
  20. RI Non-Resident

    Shooting from "seated position" at L Army??? Not with me you don't. If my name goes on that target.
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