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  1. Why can’t Jesus just give these people cancer

    ^^^^^ tell that to maura
  2. Registering surplus/auction HMMWV?

    I'm ok with them confiscating and crushing any H2 or H3s . Douche magnets
  3. Tips and tricks for cosmoline

    Forget the trash bag move. Load up several mags and shoot it till the cosmo is oozing out of the stock. Mmmmmm smells Iike the old car shoots
  4. Gas for Guns

    I'm thinking I could get more gas with my gun, then they are giving me for my gun
  5. How do you store your AR uppers?

    On a clothesline in the front yard under the let's go Brandon flag. Actually I used pvc tubing with end caps. Labeled the outside of the tube to identify them. They store vehicle or horizontally and it protects them from getting banged up or banging other things up. Nice and simple and cheap
  6. Looking to do some custom barrel work to a rifle

    Next question will be " has anyone seen any cape Buffalo roaming around locally "
  7. Looking to do some custom barrel work to a rifle

    This thread is worthless without pictures (Long time Wife or gun)
  8. Journalist finds 'rifle and ammunition' at Walmart, picture shows it's just a Red Ryder BB gun

    For his safety he should leave the country ASAP. He barely escaped isle 7 without a massacre, he should count his blessings and leave.
  9. Reminder to be vigilant buying used firearms online ... Oooof

    Those are just marks left from where the shovel hit a rock in its previous life.
  10. Night Vision experts needed

    May I haves me some more night vision please
  11. Almost had a real bad day

    The housing market is crazy but it isn't that bad! It will get better! National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish. Learn more 800-273-8255 glad you're OK post more on the post mortem
  12. Tape Measure Antenna

    DRTL - to the point , will this unscramble porn on Cinemax late-night?
  13. WRKO Transmitter

    Those antennas have been a pain in my ass all my life. When I would run speaker cables across my room, you could hear WRKO talk shows through the speakers even when there was NO power to them. When we used to have copper lines to our phones the radio used to play so loud through them that many...
  14. WRKO Transmitter

  15. Friend of Mine Finds Some 1945 Ammo in The Ceiling of Her New House

    Where's the pictures of the home owner? NES stud club wants to know
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