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  1. seeking Advice for transfer of inherited firearms ( in state Mass.)

    Hi Y'all, My Father passed away ( 94 years old, he had a good run) and I'm seeking advice on how to transfer some firearms ( shotgun, 22 rifle, and a 22 pistol) to my Brother and Sister, who both have the Mass class A permit. Thanks, LT
  2. amateur radio use of the 630 and 2200-meter bands

    FCC has authorized amateur radio use of the 630 and 2200-meter bands, effective October 16, 2017, providing registration procedures have been followed and no objections are received within 30 days
  3. is this Baofeng radio good ?

    Wonder if this radio is any good for 2m use ? Thanks, LT KB1WDF ******************** nevermind...did some more searching...looks like the answer is "not so good" here's a review :
  4. newbie question sporting clays

    going to try shooting sporting clays for first time next week. some dumb newbie questions : 1) I have a Stevens 311 sidexside 20 GA shotgun - this should be OK ?? 2) ammo - what size shot is used ?? Thanks for any advice !
  5. opinions on AIM's Radical Firearms .300 BLACKOUT FGS-12 Rifle

    I'm interested in getting into the 300 blackout caliber.. I see AIM is offering the following rifle at what looks like a great price,......anyone know of this company, or have opinions/suggestions on this rifle and company ? Radical Firearms .300 BLACKOUT FGS-12 Rifle radical firearms...
  6. WTS 2001 Miata wheels/rims ( Qty 4)

    I have the original 2001 Mazda Miata wheels ( rims ) - I replaced them with aftermarket ones, and don't think I'll ever use these, and we're packing to move South and I don't feel like dragging these along.. $100 firm for the 4 wheels. ( The tires are still on them - those are included for...
  7. interesting article - feed Family of 4 for year <$300

    interesting article... feed a Family of 4 for a year for <$300
  8. NFGA Winter Bullseye Pistol League signup today 10/7/2014

    here is the information from an email notification I received. I assume this is open to the Public, and not restricted to NFGA members, but you may want to check first. Indoor Bullseye Pistol League Signups (October 7th, 5-7pm at Procter) The Indoor Bullseye Pistol League Signups...
  9. FAL builders - FYI -> Imbel kits and last IMBEL receiver group buy

    Mods delete this post if it is inappropriate FAL builders, as a FYI over on the FAL files marketplace there are 2 threads of interest 1) a thread with links to Entreprise Arms - they are offering IMBEL FAL kits, with an options for select of barrels with 0 or 1 wear, matching...
  10. Bisgaard & Nielsen ?

    Has anyone here ever heard of, or dealt with this company : Bisgaard & Nielsen I'm thinking of ordering from them, but wondered if anyone has any experience with them, or heard + or - things on this company.
  11. Swede Kit build....update 3/27/14

    update 3/17 - added pics of a short carbine build [smile] *********************************************** update 3/27 - pics of ANOTHER short carbine build [smile] ************************************************** So probably my favorite Mauser is the 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser, and I...
  12. any LGS in Southern NH that have "REAL" Black Powder FFg ?

    Wonder if anyone knows of any southern NH Local Gun Stores that carry "REAL" BlackPowder - FFg ? Not looking for Blackpowder substitutes like pyrodex, tripel-7, etc....but looking for the real stuff - Like Goex or Swiss... trying to work up some 45-70 trapdoor blackpowder cartridge loads...
  13. 45-70 reloading question

    Looking to do some loads for 1895 lever action ( Marlin) 45-70 Using the "LoadBooks" - for 45-70 : Lyman bullets section ( page 26) 322gr cast bullet all the loads "designate the use of a 1/2 gr Polyester fiber wad, 5/8" square x 1/4" thick over the powder" I'm planning to do up a...
  14. WTS Rollerblades - mens size 10, womans size 10

    Cleaning out the cellar, Selling some stuff…. RollerBlades Ship costs will be only actual shipping charges, Or I can meet in Southern NH Nashua area, or in Westford/Littleton area #1) Mens – hardly ever used, almost new in Box Mens Size 10 Variflex Interpid – see the pics asking $30 plus...
  15. WTS FREE-> SUN Ultra-10 Solaris UNIX system -complete->CHEAP

    FREE - I have a complete SUN Ultra-10 Solaris system - would like to see it go to someone looking to learn and practice using Solaris UNIX too much to list, but is complete system with accessories and solaris 8 and solaris 9 discs, etc. Ultra-10 Monitor Tape backup external...
  16. best source for Pickling SPices and Pickling salt?

    Any suggestions for either local ( southern NH, or Westford/Littleton/Groton area) or online - for Pickling spices and pickling salts for cucumbers.. We made a bunch of jars of the cold refrigerator pickles last year and they were great, lasted almost the whole WInter. Growing a bunch of...
  17. Question - H110 versus Unique powder ? volume fill ?

    I'm reloading 357mag pistol using 140gr hornandy bullets. using H110 powder, and the load book recommendation is ( if I recall correctly) around 17.9 gr max. I'm reloading 17.5 gr. The QUESTION I have is in regards to the amount of volume the cartridge is filled with powder. I am...
  18. Help Identify this old Shotgun

    My Wife's cousin has this old shotgun, and I'm looking for help in identifying the maker or finding more information. It is 12 gauge... There are absolutely NO markings or stamps I can find on it. I even took the buttplate off to see if there was anything under that - nope. Barrel is 36"...
  19. nice Saiga 12 Bullpup stock.....want one ! ( or maybe not)

    this looks nice......[smile] ( or maybe not after hearing real world experience reviews... Thanks !! saved me a few hundred bucks !!! [smile]
  20. free ebook

    free shtf doomsday plannning book... I have no idea if it is any good or not....but its free Beyond Collapse: Surviving and Rebuilding Civilization From Scratch (Free Download) By TJ Miller
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