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  1. NH non resident permit?

    Mailed: 6/15 Check Cashed: 6/23 License Arrived: 7/1 Received Permit 7/22
  2. NH non resident permit?

    check cashed today lol

    umm They would loose to many democrat voters!
  4. Someone's gonna pay....Dylan Roof failed background check....

    So did I and didnt see this one and posted it again sorry for the double post - - - Updated - - - Just like there was a AR15 used in Newtown and then there wasnt then there was and now it may have been in his trunk
  5. So the gun control nuts loose yet another battle in the Facts...

    As many of you must know Dylann Roof didn't get his gun from his dad (still seeing that one go around in defense of no more private sales without a background check) And now it is the Government who is at fault, he should have been denied a gun but was approved.. ...
  6. LC9s Feed Problems

    It isnt the ammo, we tried many types. You know when you buy 380 by the cost, not to mention the size difference lol It is at ruger now
  7. LC9s Feed Problems

    Just a update, We tried everything so its on its way to ruger. Funny story Had to ship Fedex. When we pulled up I said to my son wouldnt it be funny if the door said no guns. Get up to the door and sure as crap is says not guns. So I went back the car and put my shield under the seat and...
  8. Constitutional Carry in Maine (Becomes Effective 10/14/15)
  9. NES Bullet Casting Seminar

    If I knew what a lead wheel wait was maybe I could agree with you. lol
  10. NES Bullet Casting Seminar

    Do you guys ever do these in the US lol I would love to attend one but dont step foot behind the Iron Curtain. lol
  11. NH Alert: SB116. Still on the Gov's desk. ***Vetoed***

    That is what I said when the person told me you cant have one in the chamber in Maine when open carruing. But crickets were heard when I said that a double action is always 2 actions away from being fired when a round is chambered
  12. NH Alert: SB116. Still on the Gov's desk. ***Vetoed***

    I wont be back down there till August and should have my NH permit back and also covered by my Maine one if the lawmakers get the reciprocation done, so I would be covered but the "protest" may be over by then lol
  13. Maine gun bill would allow concealed weapons without permit

    That report is wrong, he has vowed to veto all democrat sponsored bills which constitutional carry is a Rep sponsored bill
  14. NH Alert: SB116. Still on the Gov's desk. ***Vetoed***

    What are the open carry laws in NH, someone told me the other day in a facebook group you have to be 2 actions away from firing a gun to open carry in Maine, since I always carry concealed I never looked up the laws or cared.
  15. Remind me again about non resident carry without NH carry license.

    I was just down in NH for my Utah training and was told by a NH instructor you can have a loaded gun in your car without a permit. That isnt the way the law reads to me, since I have to go down to NH often I just applied for a permit there. I think they give them to anyone as long as they...
  16. Why are people who leave MA selling their firearms?

    I make Kydex holsters and I needed a 30 round P mag for a AR15, sent my 17 year old son to get me one at Cabalas, I dont know how you guys do it.
  17. Why are people who leave MA selling their firearms?

    Cause if you carry a Mass compliant gun in Maine, NH or like free state, you will get laughed back to Mass.
  18. What about gun printing and concealed carry in MA?

    I was going to say why worry, but then I realized you dont live in the same country as me. [smile]
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