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    I will add that the slain reporter's father previously ran for the VA House as a democrat and lost. He was anti-gun prior to the murder, which I suspect is a big reason he lost in the Southern VA district that he sought to represent.
  2. Suspected active shooter investigation involving news crew

    The CNN douches are messing up the info. so, so badly.
  3. In the market for a new CCW

    Buy a glock 30 and then you can swap in a glock 29 barrel if you want to keep the 10 mm or roll with it as made in .45 ACP.
  4. Experience in AR15 Bumpfire?

    Slidefires and the like have been discussed before. I was hoping to point you to some other threads, but the search function does not like me today. I believe the general consensus is the slidefire is not a collapsible stock but one where the whole stock can move a tiny bit. I think the...
  5. CA microstamping law takes effect immediately

    Presumably, the primer would be stamped. So, knock out the primer after shooting and take that with you.
  6. CA microstamping law takes effect immediately

    I suspect no existing manufacturers will modify the SAs to provide this feature. And you guys thought pre-ban Glocks in MA cost an arm and a leg. Now pre-micro stamped SAs will cost a fortune in CA.
  7. interstateTransport of Primers

    Primers are in plentiful supply. Getting new brass for .308 or .223 is another story. Some powders are also in short supply.
  8. Magpul sues Colorado

    Hopefully they are still moving out as well. Invalidate the law and leave anyway would be a clear message to Hock-a-luger.
  9. Best Slim Conceal Carry Gun in Mass Options , subcompact only.

    Yes - I was always pressing a non-existent button to release the mag.
  10. Best Slim Conceal Carry Gun in Mass Options , subcompact only.

    I agree the PPS is easy to conceal and light. It was just impossible for me to hit anything with it. So, it became an expensive hammer for me. I traded it on a Glock 30SF and had no regrets. If he was in a free state, XDs in .45 ACP (or 9mm is about to come out as well) would be an...
  11. Mass doctors have right to discuss gun safety

    You can respectfully decline to discuss when/if your doctor brings it up.
  12. Excuse me sir, can I search your car?

    Ha. I was right with the Super Troopers reference. In their defense, they are probably bored on the job and just trying to pass the time.
  13. Excuse me sir, can I search your car?

    Does make you wonder if both are LEOs and they watched Super Troopers one too many times.
  14. Excuse me sir, can I search your car?

    Past crime is not sufficient probable cause for a current search. You would be surprised at how many people will let LEOs freely search their car when they ask. It doesn't hurt to ask (well, I guess it did hurt this cop's feelings).
  15. Excuse me sir, can I search your car?

    Hmmm, something tells me that is not in the training manual.
  16. Gas system length

    Mid-length would be better than carbine on a 16" barrel. I have a 16" barrel with a carbine gas tube and it's probably overgassed. It works fine but a mid length would likely be better. I use an H2 buffer and haven't had any issues with it.
  17. N.Y. Man Arrested for Having Two Extra Bullets, Violating State’s 7-Bullet Cap

    Fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine aka the exclusionary rule.
  18. Stuck ejector roll pin

    All my parts were DPMS as well, but the very tight lock up of the bolt had me worried (well really the fact that 50% of the time I had to mortar the gun to get the dummy round out of the chamber was the issue). No such issue with a replacement bolt. I was running mine dripping wet as well...
  19. N.Y. Man Arrested for Having Two Extra Bullets, Violating State’s 7-Bullet Cap

    To protect him from himself. Many times LEOs will inspect the weapon and render it safe to protect the LEOs. Not saying it's legal, just saying that is what is done. If they had arrested him, then it could be a search incident to arrest. Doesn't sound like that is what happened here.
  20. Stuck ejector roll pin

    Ejector pin came out of new bolt just fine. Headspace was good. Old bolt seems to have a lug or two not machined to spec. Not so sure about DPMS QC these days. Much smoother action with the new bolt than the original one. 5 shot group today at 100 yards was about 0.75-1 inch counting the...
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