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  1. WTS 2 DeWalt 14.4v XR batteries and charger

  2. WTS CCrane CC Radio Plus

    Up for sale is an Excellent condition CC Radio Plus. -AM/FM/weather/TV band radio specifically engineered for high-end AM radio reception -Precise digital tuning, ferrite antenna, and advanced circuitry provide topnotch long-range AM sound -24-hour NOAA weather service info; built-in weather...
  3. WTS Sanding disks

    Got a bunch of 7" bolt on sanding disks. Price is $80 for all or as listed. Qty: 93 - Sand Shark Abrasives 7" x 5/16" 60 grit disks: $28.00 Qty: 66 - Sand Shark Abrasives 7" x 5/16" 24 grit disks: $32.00 Qty: 17 - 3M Regalite 7" x 5/16" 36 grit disks: $15.00 Qty: 28 - Norton 7" x 5/16" 16 grit...
  4. WTS Coleco PAC-MAN mini arcade game

  5. WTS Storage cabinets with drawers

  6. WTS Victoronox Swiss Army Combo Set

    Item: The Tinker / Classic SD Combo Set provides the best of both worlds: a 58mm Swiss Army Knife with 7 implements for daily use and a 91mm knife with 12 tools, including 2 blades, can and bottle openers and a Phillips screwdriver. Price: $15.00 Face to face in Somerset, MA area. No...
  7. 1911 Colt / Springfield question

    I've got an opportunity to buy a 1911. The seller says its a colt. Here's my concern and I can't find info on net. It's got a s/s colt mark IV series 80 slide, the frame is aluminum grey and is marked Springfield and made in Brazil. I asked seller about this and he says its a colt. My...
  8. FYI: MA residents who work in RI

    Hopefully not a dupe (I searched)..... "Bay Staters who work in Rhode Island could cash in on new tax ruling" "eligible taxpayers can look forward to the following maximum-allowed credits: $707 for 2008...
  9. FWIW...Seecamp acces

    Just picked this up last week. Heard some good and bad reviews but I figured I'd see for myself. For the times when everything else doesn't work I recommend this covert carrier sleeve. Fits rather nicely (they actually had a grip replacement for my gun with the built in clip) but I chose this...
  10. Sweat & Bullets

    So now that the heat is upon us, what type of damage happens to my gold dots over time when exposed to the humidity/sweat that comes with iwb carry? My gun was soaked yesterday in my leather iwb. DJ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Police: Man accidentally shoots self in testicles

    Guess he didn't have a MA compliant gun.....
  12. PowRball??

    Where can I get 135g corbon powRball ammo in .40 in Eastern MA?
  13. Anyone ever use these?

    Just checking this out. Anyone ever use?
  14. Recommend any ammo?

    Need some help here. Love my new 340 s/c 12.0 oz .357 revolver. Easily shoots silvertips, but had an issue with non jacketed (actually semi jacketed) ammo. The issue was that after 5 rounds of so called target ammo (made in the great Czech Republic) the cases became jammed in the cylinder...
  15. Federal agents hunt for guns, one house at a time
  16. Help with my 340 SC Airlite PIC ADDED

    Quick question out there for anyone who has a 340 sc / pd. Went shooting today and noticed when cleaning the gun that there seemed to be something wrong. If you flip open the cylinder and look at the firing pin looking to the left and lower there is an almost semi 1/2 moon opening and that...
  17. P99 AS Compact or PPS for IDPA?

    Looking to get into IDPA, however only enough funds for 1 gun. Currently have a Seecamp .32 that goes everywhere and I mean everywhere. Looking for a gun to replace this one as well as to use in IDPA. I am aware of the costs of both the PPS and P99 magazines and that's not an issue. Just the...
  18. Seecamp Laser

    Anyone have any experience with the "Pocket Slipper Laser Aimer" for the Seecamp? Just looking at it looks cheap. Just wanted feedback before I spent the $$'s. Any input would be helpful. Thanks, Dennis
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