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  1. M&P 2.0 10MM

    Anyone have one of these? I just picked one up and put rounds through the same hole at 25 feet, so I'm pretty happy. It is also easy to keep on target while rapid firing. My only complaint is that I'm experiencing some pretty serious primer drag, and it's difficult to find a holster with the...
  2. Plymouth NH Places to Shoot

    Like the thread says, any local small ranges or gravel pits? I love shooting in the WMNF but there's too many hikers and yellow lab--owning Subaru--driving day users that I don't really like to do that anymore.... *Authors note, I love yellow labs.
  3. M&P10 Teaser?

    Did anyone else see Smith and Wesson's Facebook post this morning? Are we finally getting an M&P10 (10mm handgun)?
  4. Ammo Shortage

    I received two pallets of 9MM Wolf ammunition at $350/500 rounds. We sold out in 6 hours. Roughly 120 cases, gone. We're busier than the grocery store here in the same plaza in Fairbanks.
  5. Active Shooter in CO, 10 Dead

    I'm old enough to remember that when the CIA did s*** like this people actually believed the narrative. At least now, a lot more people have their eyes open. This was downright sloppy even by deep state standards.
  6. Is it crazy to buy a Ruger 57 (chambered in 5.7x28mm) right now?

    I personally wouldn't pick it as a first gun, but then again my favorite caliber is .500 what you like.
  7. Pistol for Alaska trip...

    Ruger Super Redhawk. Get a Gunfighters Inc or Diamond D Guides choice chest rig, load it with 360 grain ammo from BB, Garrett, or Underwood, and enjoy the trip.
  8. LTC With CWOF on OUI?

    Indeed. The Massachusetts runs deep in this thread.
  9. SHTF Vehicle of Choice?

    Electric cars are completely impractical, as are any vehicle made after about 2005. If this SHTF scenario involves a hostile government, I don't want my vehicle being hacked or remotely controlled. Simple, reliable, and NO central computer that connects the drive systems to the outside world.
  10. Being pro-gun also means being pro-responsibility: We must oppose HB102

    More on the Busse/Kimber incident, from our Friends at "Defensive Use of Firearms" ~spwenger's DEFENSIVE USE OF FIREARMS: The Site & Its Logo Regarding the op-ed opposing the bill to expand recognition of the right to carry in Montana, a list member forwarded this statement by Kimber: Kimber...
  11. Which non-1911 frame 10mm?

    I have the kryptek and the reverse two tone. There was a time I wanted all the color schemes but there were other guns that needed buying...the finish has held up well and I'm a little over 5,000 rounds in. Ive said it before in other threads but the only negative of the gun is the rear sight. I...
  12. Contemplating Moving to a More Free State

    It's funny you mention Livingston, I used to live there and a friend of mine just left because it's getting too liberal. Perspective I guess. I do miss the Office and Neptune's though...
  13. Which non-1911 frame 10mm?

    P220 10MM all the way. I can put rounds through the same hole at 15 yards with that gun and I'm not that great of a shooter...
  14. Contemplating Moving to a More Free State

    Considering you're asking for moving advice and not relationship advice I won't go there, but I did bring my ex to Montana and it was one of the best experiences of her life. We're still friends to this day regardless. Just don't buy a house if you anticipate things going south... And I'll echo...
  15. Contemplating Moving to a More Free State

    Texas is probably the most overrated place in the world. The Texas ego is unwarranted. The gun laws are honestly sub-par. You can't carry a gun without a permit, the stupid 50 percent bar law makes you a felon for going into a restaurant, and there's binding signage EVERYWHERE. I'm so tired of...
  16. NH Resident Flying Logan

    I've flown out of Logan dozens of times as a Mass resident and wasn't worried, mostly worried about my new non resident status.
  17. NH Resident Flying Logan

    Anyone have experience with this? I do not have a non resident LTC and may be flying out west with a few guns next month. I have never been asked for a LTC when I was a Mass Resident at Logan and understand I am covered by FOPA, but don't want the hassle if it becomes one. (Ive heard the NYC and...
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