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  1. WTB 300 Blackout Subs

    Anyone in the Metrowest area have any extra 300 subs to sell off?
  2. Any ranges/clubs in MA that allow night (NODS) shooting?

    Been looking to get into night shooting with NODs and IRs. Before putting down $$ on Gen2/3, would be nice to know if any ranges/clubs allow night shooting with nvgs? Any leads would be great.
  3. Judge: Gun retailers’ suit against Massachusetts AG can move forward

    How did you guys miss this? Or maybe my search-fu sucks? Judge is an Obama appointee as well. Judge rules lawsuit filed against Massachusetts attorney general can move forward
  4. 12/9/14 - The day Amazon sold $161 ACOGs to the masses...

    Did any of you guys hear about this? Yes, real ACOGS for 161 bucks. Not airsoft, NCstar shit. and this! Did any of you bastards score any of these??? If so, you suck...I was...
  5. Surprise on "The View"... "Girl, Get a Gun!"

    Isn't this quite interesting... Bloomdouche's new "Gun Safety" (yea ok!) tv ad just got released and I do not think it had the intended impact Bloomdouche expected. The commercial does a good job showing how gun laws do not stop someone violating a restraining order and a good job showing why...
  6. Carbine Course for someone with a heart issue

    I know this probably should have been posted in the training forum but I figured I would get more hits here. I have a congenital heart defect that doesn't allow me to exert myself for long periods of time (I know, I will most likely be zombie bait during the zombocalypse). I have seen videos...
  7. Gun shops near Sanbornton, NH

    Going up north for few days (sun to tues) on vaca and I'll be looking to do some ammo shopping while I'm in Sanbornton. Anyone have any recommendations? Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk 2
  8. TL/DR response on my Facebook page by a supposed "gun right's supporter".

    I guess the "gun lobby" is in decline and gun ownership is not a good investment for the average American and that it is the govt's responsibility to legislate safety. The bold part is my favorite [rolleyes] moment in his post.
  9. My gf's son's After School Survey question: "Have you ever held a gun or knife?"

    Evidently, my gf's 8 year old son's after school group thought it was important to make all the kids take this survey asking them a whole slew of questions, which included: have you ever seen anyone with a gun or knife? Have you ever held a gun or knife? Wtf is this shit? He answered yes to...
  10. NFA SBR engraving in Mass

    I have talked to both Harry at GnWLaser and the guys over at Jack's Machine Shop in Hanson. Harry seems pretty busy and Jack's said it would be a $75 job. Anymore options for engraving in this state?
  11. "I Am Adam Lanza's mother." (ARTICLE) It's a pretty frightening but insightful read into a mother's experience with her son and mental illness. It echos a lot of the stuff that many of us here on NES have been posting about.
  12. HELP! My Form 1 (for SBR) is approved and I'm broke! What the fook do I do!?

    Mrs Edna Wilson called me to let me know I forgot to include a copy of my LTC (DUH!). A quick scan and email later, and she has it in hand and I am good to go! About 30 days to wait for my stamp to show up with Mr Costner Postman(I hope!). Now, moving ($$$) during Xmas session ($$$) + getting...
  13. FL: Thief returns gun stolen from car to gun owner with a note about gun safety Was it wise for the car owner to leave his gun in his car unlocked? No but it was on his own property and it is legal to keep at loaded gun in your car with a permit. But who do you...
  14. It's a good day today...C&R payment processed and ATF Form 1 package mailed out. :)

    Now the wait continues and begins on the same day! Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  15. Anyone with a Waltham MA NFA CLEO signoff?

    Probably should have put this in the NFA forum but I figured Id get more of a response here. Im looking to register my current lower as an sbr and before trying to set up an appt with Waltham CLEO LaCroix, I was curious to know if anyone has gotten their Form 1 signed off by him. Sent from my...
  16. Zastava er, I mean Century Arms RIP OFF PAP - a failure of a rant - Balderdash!

    So about two years ago, I purchased the nifty Zastava PAP imported by EAA (European American Amory). Even though it had a single stack mag and that useless dust cover rail, the idea of a sporter model built on a rugged and proven Zastava receiver was kinda a neat selling point. So I went ahead...
  17. Figured I'd share this with my fellow HK USP 45 FS owners...$28 preban 12 rd mags

    I have no affiliation with this website at all but the deal was too good to keep to myself. I just bought myself 3 mags. Probably should have gotten more but oh well. And yes, they ship to Mass. Just have a copy of your LTC...
  18. Best option for a CCW/Home Defense combo handgun in Massachusetts?

    I am guessing a lot of NES members have specific handguns for HD use and specific ones when CCWing. I am also betting a lot probably use one for both. I have a HK USP 45 for my HD (and sporadic CCW) pistol and a Ruger SR9c for my daily CCW. Sometimes the USP is way too big to CCW and for HD...
  19. A FFL sold me a "Restricted LEO/Gov use only 10-94". Was i just put in legal jepardy?

    Bought an used MA compliant USP 45 (which I'm assuming was a LEO FA) from a Mass FFL dealer. Came with one 10 round and one 12 rounder which has the restriction etched in it. Is it safe to assume that I am now in possession of an illegal magazine?
  20. Health condition reason for Class A unrestricted?

    First time poster here. I used the search function and found nothing about my question. I'm about to apply for my Class A in Waltham. I know it is a red city and I have 2 reasons why I am applying for one but I have a third I wanted to throw out there. I have a heart condition that keeps me...
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