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  1. Ar lower made from melted beer cans

    I like
  2. 80% Glock 17 Frame - Build Your Own Glock Frame

    Anyone building a dedicated 22lr on the compact frame have any difficulties? I've had trouble finding reliable info on the compact frame. A couple of people have posted reviews online with the original full sized frame and had trouble with the locking block needing some additional modification...
  3. Detailed steps on how to apply for a license in Boston

    I doubt he has to worry either way. I don't think I've heard any reports here of someone being downgraded.
  4. Nice Jogging Holster

    Since I originally posted this during cooler months, I wanted to offer an update now that I've had a few months of warmer weather to try it out. The holster is still awesome! I was worried that sweat dripping down onto the rear plate area of the gun would be an issue, since I carry it on my...
  5. Question for mini 14 owners

    Awesome. Thanks, babygorilla! Ruger must have come up with the worst possible way to disassemble a mag. Prying metal just seems like a bad idea. I appreciate the response.
  6. Question for mini 14 owners

    I have five of the Ruger 10 round magazines and had some problems with one of the mags. The metal right above the hole that locks the mag into place is bent inward toward the follower, just enough to cause the tip of the rounds to scrape the metal and jam. I figured I would disassemble the mag...
  7. LTC holders in Boston, how has your experience been owning a firearm?

    You should get a special frame made for that, when you move.
  8. Detailed steps on how to apply for a license in Boston

    Congratulations on your license. Just out of curiosity, did they ask you to come in to pick it up? Mine was mailed to me.
  9. Krazy Customs Firearm Cerakoting

    I've been wanting the Nintendo Zapper style paintjob.
  10. .

    I shot a few boxes of the carry variety as well as the range version out of my wifes bodyguard 380 and all rounds went bang. This is her current carry ammo.
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