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  1. So the gun control nuts loose yet another battle in the Facts...

    As many of you must know Dylann Roof didn't get his gun from his dad (still seeing that one go around in defense of no more private sales without a background check) And now it is the Government who is at fault, he should have been denied a gun but was approved.. ...
  2. Guns, Permits and Bars

    With this new con. carry all kinds of debate has started on Facebook, the new one is people are saying it is illegal to carry with a permit in Maine in a bar. I have taken many classes in Maine and all of them say you can as long as it is un posted and you are not legally drunk, can someone...
  3. Thoughts on a upcoming pot of gold

    Thoughts on a upcoming pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
  4. LC9s Feed Problems

    Anyone had any feed issues with this gun? We tried many mags and they all seem to do it. The gun is about 3 months old. What could cause this?
  5. Utah course 28th in NH

    Anyone gonna be at the course this weekend?
  6. cheap 9mm ammo

    Ammo costs are killing me, I switched to 9mm to save money and in the last few months ammo has gone up $8 a box. My son found a site that searches for ammo, alot of it is factory reloads. Anyone heard of any of these companies? here is the link to a full list...
  7. Streamlight 69110 TLR-1

    What are your thoughts on this light for a glock 19? I was going to buy it but Im seeing a few lights alot cheaper around $35. I found the Streamlight 69110 TLR-1 is around $109
  8. .22 Pistol Comp June 21 Scarborough Maine

    Im not competing but going, anyone else? June 21, 2015 (Sunday) ........ NRA Conventional 1800 and NRA .22 Caliber Only 1800
  9. Summer Classes

    Who has Pistol Training Classes in Maine and NH (No Mass lol)? Seems a lot of people take the summer off.
  10. Mass Non-res permit and laws

    Ok my head hurts from reading Mass laws. I hold a Permit in Maine and I'm taking the Utah permit next week, they will issue me a Mass cert to get a Mass non-res permit. Is it worth it? Mass is a concern for a couple of reasons, I would like to take a few courses there and my son is moving...
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