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  1. Price Gouging

    Will you take a check? [tinfoil]
  2. Please keep my grandson in your prayers

    Prayers sent.
  3. Customer Feed Back

    Great job on my M&P 9! What a difference a trigger job made. Thanks Lou!
  4. Massachusetts Gun Guilt

    I feel guilty for not owning more guns. (christmas bonus is already spent)
  5. Maps??

    As a former trucker I too have a bunch of road maps. I keep them in both vehicles. None in the BOB. I would think topographic maps might serve well if youy had to travel on foot and wanted to stay off the "beaten path". Also knowing how to read a map. I'm always suprised at how many people can't...
  6. Hi new green guy

  7. Membership turnaround at Springfield sportsmen club

    Call them. I was able to go up and join the same day I submitted my application.
  8. Greetings from Westfield MA!!

  9. Friends or burdens?

    Keep your group tight. keep your lips, tighter.
  10. Preppers will die in WROL video

    I like his podcasts:
  11. Dropped off letter to lift restrictions today

    Good luck! Green is good.
  12. Preppers will die in WROL video

    I like Jack's response video :
  13. Check your gear!!

    THIS! Did this yesterday. It's also a good idea to put on some kind of a load when you "test" your generators. I run my air compressor off my generator about every 6 weeks to keep things in check.
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