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  1. PARA LDA 16 for production

    Is anyone using a PARA LDA 16 .40 for USPSA Production?
  2. Bass River Dec 2 Match

    The Dec 2 match at Bass River will be a regular pistol match. Probably 6 stages with relative high round count and open targets, with a few tight, long shots thrown in for fun!
  3. Bass River 11/5 match to be 2-gun

    This will be a four stage 2-gun match pistol/rifle. Pistol only shooters will be allowed as well but no rifle only. PCC is fine for rifle if you wish but not as pistol. Bianchi targets will be used with only the center bull scoring for rifle but entire target scores for pistol only people...
  4. NO Bass River Match Sep 3 2017

    Sep 3rd match at Bass River is canceled.
  5. Bass River 6/4 Match

    4 or 5 classifiers and 1 or 2 stages (5-6 total) Registration 9 am Shooters meeting 9:45am First shots 10am
  6. Bass River 5/6 Match canceled

    Weather and Range conditions dictate that we cancel match. Sunday May 7

    NO matches at Bass River until at least March We will keep people posted. However we will be active, excited and exuberant again!!
  8. USPSA Back at Bass River Nov 6

    Regular USPSA pistol match Nov 6 4-6 stages of pure USPSA!
  9. Bass River 5/1/16 scores

    Though the calendar says we have matches scheduled... We do not until May. Tim
  11. Any interest in 100 - 300 yard benchrest?

    Was wondering if anyone knows of or is interested in doing some 100 - 300 yd benchrest shooting.
  12. Bass River December 6 multi gun

    I will post results soon I just wanted to say we had a good time with everyone and that was there and thought everything went pretty well. Any comments for a better match next time will be appreciated and taken into consideration. Tim
  13. I should have read the stickies...

    Often in my haste to find information I fail to read or pay attention to the rules.
  14. What price for pre ban xiectalub 38?

    I have a pre-ban... well, I don't read the stickies. What is a good/fair price to ask?
  15. NO November IPSC/USPSA at bass River

    No November match for us next month.
  16. Not Looking Good for Sundays Bass River Match...

    weather not looking good for sunday but will decide for sure by sat...
  17. Bass River Sep 2015 results The shotgun side match was won by Bill Ferry. Using his side by side coach gun he bested 4 Semi Autos and a pump! Old school ass kicking!!
  18. Bass River June 2015 match results Good seeing everybody today. Nice Shooting Mr. Botello!
  19. Bass River May 3 2015 match results
  20. Bass River USPSA Schedule

    All but Dec will be a regular pistol match. Dec will be a 3 gun Set up is the sat afternoon prior to the match starting at 3pm with final set up morning of the match Shooters meeting @ 9:40am First shots at 10am May 3 June 7 July 5 Aug 2 Sep 6 Oct 4 Nov 1 Dec 6 (3 Gun) Tim
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