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  1. WTB WTB Men's Fur Robe (faux or real)

    Still need this!!
  2. WTB WTB Men's Fur Robe (faux or real)

    Ok guys, I need your help in a big way. Don't ask why but I really need one. Let's say a lot rides on this fur robe. Does anyone have a fur robe (I don't care of its cheapo) for something. Help a brother out!!! Furcoat or bust!!!!! HELP ME.
  3. Taurus that fires by itself

    But dat Sho doe?
  4. A drunken thank you.

    You're drunk dad, go to sleep [laugh] See you at the Excru tomorrow [devil]
  5. WW2 Flamethrower Shoot and Display

    In yessah
  6. Need Advice - Am I a bad person

    What could go wrong?!
  7. Article: Mass Firearms School and NES March Monthly Giveaway!

    This is awesome. Reading comp fail.
  8. Help, anyone in brockton?

    How the phone convo went down.
  9. Attempted Hack

    IP address location means nothing. When I'm on Tor, Gmail sometimes won't let me log in without a million questions since all the sudden, I'm pinging from Greenland. And yes, I realize Tor + Gmail is a general no-no but I only use it as a proxy.

    I would like to be a fly on the wall during the meetings when these project acronyms are created.
  11. Article: Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops Air Jordan Robbery Attempt

    From Air Jordans to Ground Jabbar
  12. Filling out LTC application in Peabody, MA

    No questions... thats not good. Enjoy your restrictions. Just Joshing.
  13. Cool DIY for making headphones from 40 casings

    Thats ridiculous. I see it like "you cant **** a chicken but what you do with chicken cutlets is your own business" rule. Great way to make your kids felons before theyre old enough to own a gun...
  14. Cool DIY for making headphones from 40 casings

    My 50BMG "headphone" is for something more private and different. [laugh] I dont like earbuds for that reason but ive seen similar designs that people use. A couple companies make these except they use a lathe on a solid block of copper to simulate casing look.
  15. Cool DIY for making headphones from 40 casings

    Im sure you could use any reasonable round though. Dont send to DC or forget to take them out of your asweet fanny pack before flying. Something to do on a rainy day.
  16. What's your Walker/Zombie Handgun?

    Sigma 40ve
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