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  1. Our legislators stealing our money and nobody cares

    Thank you permanent waves for posting this is in the bumpstock thread. we don't want to crap that thread up with things that detract from the major issues being discussed but I don't think this should be just pushed aside either. It is already being ignored by most media outlets.
  2. Important NRA Board of Directors election info

    I just received this from the guy who sponsored me for my NRA life membership. The video is old but still disturbing that he is on the board at the NRA and makes this comment. Just an FYI for all those who got their ballots in recently.
  3. 2012 Acushnet Rifle & Pistol Gun Raffle

    I just received the OK from Derek to post this info here...we really appreciate it. We are in serious need of some roof repairs that we will be doing this spring and are running a raffle to help raise funds for those repairs. We are selling tickets at 1 for $5 and 3 for $10. If anyone is...
  4. 38 super

    Anyone have any first hand experience shooting a 1911 in 38 super? Thinking of getting one. Thanks, Charlie
  5. We have lost another GREAT gun shop!!

    Antique Armory is no longer. Thanks for everything Ted!!
  6. ccw a borrowed firearm

    I tried a search but could not find any info on this specific topic other than a borrowed shotgun from out of state. I have family in CT and have borrowed one of their handguns for my wife to try carrying for a little while to see if she would like that particular handgun (non-ma compliant and...
  7. NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course

    I had the pleasure of attending the NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course with Jon Green at the New Bedford Rod & Gun Club. Many thanks to the club for hosting the event. The club facilities were great and the members very nice. I will likely be sending in my application next month for...
  8. might be a dumb question but...

    can someone please answer a question for me? I used Hodgon hp-38 powder in my .38 reloads and they shoot great and no real issues. When I use that powder to reload 9mm they shoot fine but I get a nasty cloud of smoke after shooting the shot at the end of barrel. I looked at the crimps on both...
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