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  1. Heads up on M&P 45 mags.

    Botach, has M&P 45 mags on sale for $19.95. I placed my order today, and received a shipping confirmation just now.
  2. Isn't This A Damm Shame I can't seem to be able to post the story. A man accused of running down and killing a Police Officer in Maryland, was found strangled in his cell. Someone apparently saved the tax payers of Maryland a lot of money.
  3. Is there a match in Manville tomorrow.

    I am hoping that my schedule dosen't implode, and I can actually get out to the scheduled match tomorrow. Does anyone have any idea if it's still a go? Thanks
  4. Gunshot Wound Kits

    Botach Tactical has an excellent GSW kit on sale. This kit features A QuikCklot ACS sponge, an Israeli Bandage as well as 2 rolls of compressed gauze. All of this comes packed a case that can be attached to a vest, belt etc. This is an item every shooter should have in their range bag. If you...
  5. Time to try out S&W's legendary customer service

    Today I went to the range and put about 200 rounds thru my 1911pd, Tonight while cleaning it, the plunger tube broke off, both posts sheared off. I don't know if this is one of the MIM parts people bitch about. My question is should I send it back to S&W to replace the part, or should I buy a...
  6. I am going to Bass Pro Shop Today

    I know a lot of you went to BPS last night, apparently there was some "good" stuff there. My question is "what should I make a point of checking out, I have about 2 hours from around 12:30. I am looking for ammo deals, I want to scope out gun safes, but, if there is a good deal on a "good gun"...
  7. Defensive Shotgun at Sig Academy.

    I just completed the 2 day Defensive Shotgun class held at the Sigarms Academy in Epping NH, taught by Scott Kenneson. I recently purchased a Benelli M1 Super 90, and figured this class would give me the opportunity to put a lot of rounds thru the gun, and see what works and what doesnt. Our...
  8. A positive LTC Renewal Experience

    I got printed and photographed for my LTC renewal in Attleboro on May 23rd. The Sgt told me they have been running about 4-6 weeks. Well I got the call today, that my LTC was in and ready to be picked up.[banana][banana] All in all a rather painless experience, except for the $100 that is.
  9. Shotgun Advice needed

    I am searching for a semi-auto shotgun to use in 3 gun type competition. I was a little to late to buy the Benelli recently sold on this site. So I am looking at a remington 1100 tactical or possibly a FN self loading police. I cant find the remington in stock anywhere. I want the 22" 8+1...
  10. I am all done with Mcafee

    Mcafee has been giving me fits for 4 days. everytime I try to run the scan the machine grinds to a stop. This program used to run great untill they pgraded it. So, what is the best virus scan going.
  11. Any one have any experience with BestShot Ammo

    I found this web site The are in Ct. My brother lives in that general area, and if the product is good, I may have to take a road trip.[grin]
  12. do you think this would be legal in mass

    I like it. I couldn't afford the ammo here is the web site
  13. Not a good start to the day

    So there I was, happily driving down 495 heading to Bass River. Looking forward to the Pistol competition, and not looking forward to the shotgun side match, since I sighted in the shotgun yesterday and realized that I didn't have reduced recoil slugs!!!. About the rt 495/195 area I realized...
  14. A couple of questions RE: shotguns

    I see Bass River is having a shotgun side match with the regular monthly USPSA match. Since I can't make the area 7 3 gun, I think I might like to give this a try. My questions are, Do I need a sling, and what type of ammo do I need? I have some slugs, but I will need to buy some shot, so I need...
  15. A Video for all of the multi-gun competitors
  16. Snowy Day Pics Part 2

    And now from the working group. My new Eotech with the RRA Dominator mount
  17. Snowy Day Pics

    Well its snowing outside, my wife is working, and my daughter is playing with her dolls. So, i took some pics of my toys My small handgun collection My new SW1911 H&K USPc .45 S&W 5906 S&W Model 13-3 S&W Model 60
  18. need help reassembling my 1911

    I finally got my S&W 1911, I need help reassembiling it. I cleaned the gun, now I can't get the slide back on, I can't seem to get the slide over a lever on the rear of the slide, I think his is the grip safety lever. The manual says nothing about overcoming this. I'm sure I'm not the first to...
  19. a question about trading in a gun

    I have a USPc 45 that I bought from a dealer in 2002, I still have my copy of the fa10, my question is: Is this proof enought that the gun was in the state prior to 1998, or whatever the date is. I am hoping to trade in this gun, and get a 1911sc. I know I can sell FTF, but it would be less...
  20. Going to Braintree R&P this afternoon

    I have had enough of Quality Family Time and feel the need to finally shoot the .357 I acquired. Plus I replaced the grips, the other ones were all beat to crap. So, If anyone is in the area I will be at the range in about an hour.
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