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  1. Thoughts on the Mossberg MVP-LC??

    So, I'm leaning towards picking up a Mossberg MVP Light Chassis in .308 in the next month or so... Does anyone have any experience with this rifle, or any of the MVP lineup?
  2. Magpul UBR Stock?

    So I'm considering the Magpul UBR Stock for a build that I am starting. Has anyone pinned this stock? I hate to do it, but I really like the look and I have read that it balances well on Mid-Length rifles. Any how to's or advice on pinning it would be greatly appreciated. Build Details for...
  3. Help Identify This Magazine

    I was cleaning out the back room and found this mag. My Father said it's been there for years and couldn't remember what rifle it went to. All I know is it is .308 and it only takes 3 rounds. Thanks, Tim
  4. Bipod Questions - AR-15

    Well, I'm finally getting around to finishing an ongoing AR build. This rifle will be used primarily off the bench but might do some prone shooting every once in a while. Build specs for those who care: AWS Lower Daniel Defense LPK Magpul PRS Stock BCM Upper Reciever WOA 20" Varmint...
  5. Itrader Question

    I recently got a PM for an Itrader Feedback and it isn't showing up on my Itrader Page. It says this: on the far right of the screen but does not show the 14th feedback or comments. Does it just need time to be reviewed? I'd like to see what the feedback is.
  6. Ma. Woman shoots 900lbs Gator Apparently, she had to stab him a few times too. I never realized how big gator hunting was, I kinda want to try it out.
  7. Can't Change Avatar

    I tried changing my avatar and got this message. I have tried a bunch of different images that are not too large and get the same message every time. I deleted my current avatar and it won't let me use that either, even though it worked for the past 6 months. Thanks for your help.
  8. Border Patrol Agent Shoots/Kills Mexican Teen in Mexico From U.S. 40mm casing? On Mexican Soil? It's a shame that he had to die, but he should not have been throwing rocks.
  9. Ottawa Hills officer's trial opens with dash cam vid You can follow the link to watch the dashcam video. It clearly shows the victim being shot in the back. IMO it was not "justified" and this cop should be in prison.
  10. Glock or XD, which is better?

    Found this video on another forum, figured some of you guys might enjoy.
  11. Rep points not working?

    I was just trying to return some rep points and it said invalid link, notify moderators. I tried to give another member a point and the pop-up was incomplete, did not ask if I appoved/diapproved and did not confirm when I hit add to rep.
  12. AR-15 Books?

    Ok, I'm getting close to starting my first AR build. I'm looking for a good book to reference during the build. Can anyone recommend a good in depth book that will show step by step how to put this thing together. The Build Details: Delaware Stripped Lower Timberwolf Tactical LPK WOA...
  13. How long is a Pistol Safety Course good for?

    How long does the NRA safety course stay valid. I have a friend that took it over a year ago and never applied for his LTC. Can he still use this or should he re-take the course. I tried to search, but could not find anything that was relevant. Thanks, Tim
  14. NRA Firearm Safety Course

    I just wanted to let you guys know there will be a NRA Firearms Safety Course at the Ashland Fish and Game on January 16th. The course is being held by Will Davis and a few other instructors. It is an all day course 8am-6pm and cost $125. I took Will's course last year and it was very...
  15. Top Tens: Machine Guns

    Tonight on the Military Channel the Top Tens Season Premiere is starting with Machine Guns. It starts at 10pm channel 253(comcast) It should be a good show. I wonder what they will name #1?
  16. Modern sniper on Military Channel

    I just saw a preview for this show. The trailer looks pretty good, it premiers on Dec. 2. Here is the trailer
  17. AR-15 Fail to feed issues

    At the Pumpkin shoot my AR was giving me a lot of sh*t to say the least. I found that the Bolt Carrier Key Screws came loose and no longer line up with the notches from the factory. Can/Should I use locktite to keep them from coming loose?
  18. Building a gun room

    Ok, so I need a gun safe but, instead I decided that I am going to convert my basement back room into My gun room. The room is about 10x12 with concrete on two sides and sheet rock/framing on the other two. The room will be used for the storage and cleaning of my firarms, and also serve as a...
  19. AR15 stock ?'s

    Ok, I just bought a Stag AR15, it came with a pinned "collapsible" stock. While inspecting my new rifle, I just had to see how it was pinned, and if I could shorten it up a bit. I noticed that the buffer tube goes all the way to the fully extended posistion, thus making it impossible to re-pin...
  20. anyone use royal purple gun oil?

    I just found out that royal purple makes gun oil. I am a huge fan of royal purple and use their oil,ATF, gear lube and purple ice in my mustang and my truck with great results. Here is a link - I was wondering what everyone thinks?
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