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  1. PSA: don't waste your money on 2021 calendar

    Dig up your 1937 calendar and use it. It's totally identical to 2021.
  2. Build and complexion LTC renewal

    This question's been asked and answered before but I still want some clarification. My previous renewals I just left these blank, and they input something after looking at me. Now, with the Chinese virus BS, they want me to just mail the application to them. So, what are my build and complexion...
  3. Pre Healey AR15 complete package

  4. Just walked with a knife into Boston PD HQ

    Business related routine visit. I left my key ring and Fox Labs can in the car and, despite that, set off the metal detector. The cop had me remove my watch, belt, pen, the detector keeps going off. Then the cop says that's your knife clipped to your pocket, give it to me and pick it up on your...
  5. Question about first time LTC application in Newton,MA

    Anybody apply for LTC in Newton recently? AFAIK the current SOP is they require two letters of reference and restrict you to T&H for the first year. What happens at the interview? Back in the day they quizzed me on storage and transporting, the definition of large capacity firearm, etc. Asking...
  6. Protesters on Boston Common

    Just saw about 15-20 people on Boston Common across the street from State House with huge banner Get Trump/Pence out. About 12 bored motorcycle cops at Park Street station. At least 6 camera crews filming the protesters. It will be probably reported tomorrow as a...
  7. What happened to Comm2A Amazon link?

    Spent 10 minutes looking for it all over their site and couldn't find it.
  8. Song about Ukrainian Special Forces

    For your viewing and listening pleasure View:
  9. Just read "Lone Survivor".

    Every mag change during the firefight is described as "jamming a new magazine into chamber". Thoughts?
  10. LA Police Gear pants-$14.99*Price+Drop+-+%2414.99+Operator+Tac...
  11. Shot 9mm bullet out of a .40 gun

    Went shooting with my buddy who wanted to compare his Gen3 G23 to my Gen4 G19. Well, with two similar guns sitting on the bench next to each other, the inevitable happened. My buddy( I swear it wasn't me) loaded my mag into his gun and pulled the trigger. The gun fired but didn't cycle. The most...
  12. Pre ban Glock magazines

    A friend of a friend of a friend is a New York inmate. He has some pre ban Glock magazines that he can't use anymore (SAFE act or whatever their latest antigun legislative abortion is called) and wants to sell. I cannot guarantee pricing, availability, or vouch for the guy. I sent him the money...
  13. Glock 19 Gen 4 issue with magazines

    Ok, ladies and gents, I just got a brand new G19 Gen4 and I have a question re magazine compatibility. I have a bunch of G17 and G19 magazines in all flavors, FML and NFML, 10-rounders and normal capacity. All of my NFML magazines are difficult to insert, it appears that they have to overcome...
  14. WTS Lowe's 10% off coupons exp. 6/25/15 $3 shipped

    I have few Lowe's 10% off coupons expiring on 06/25/15 that I bought off EBay. I used couple of them and don't need the rest. S3 PayPal gift shipped each.
  15. Looking for details of what happened in Garland, TX

    I'm looking for details of shooting in Garland, TX. We all know that a cop neutralized two peaceful Muslims, but what about distance, timing, number of rounds fired, etc.?
  16. French surplus on sale at

    Just bought this and this There is a youtube review that pretty much nails it. Discount code "CATALOG" gave me a 10% off...
  17. NIW preban AR15 magazines

    If you need brand new preban mags here's a link to arfcom EE listing If you are not a arfcom member PM me, I'll put you in touch with a seller. He just emailed me all the magazines...
  18. Nickel Boron BCGs $99.95 shipped
  19. Tax Day rally in Boston on April 13

    Greater Boston Tea Party will have a Tax Day Rally on Boston Common on April 13 at 1PM Jim Wallace will be one of the speakers. I'll definitely be there with my family and take advantage of free meters and/or lack of enforcement (it's...
  20. WTS Model 1902 US Army sword $85

    Model 1902 US Army sword, no scabbard. Location: Newton, MA SOLD
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