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  1. DevGru SEAL Rob O'Neill's thoughts on Home Defense Gun and hints on scope of 2A support

    Thinks racking a shotgun will scare off home invaders, likes eo-tech sites (may have something to do with when he was in, as they were likely the best available at that time), has nuanced but unstated view on what guns should be allowed for "civilians", which is never explicitly stated, but just...
  2. WTB Need some hired muscle with FID/LTCs

    I am doing a major renovation/addition on the house and need to clear out two out buildings. One of which has my ammo. Normally I would have done it myself but ruptured a disk 5 weeks ago. The timing here is comical. Tried to do some of it this morning and nada. So, my pain is someone's gain. I...
  3. Looking for people to be on an Amicus Brief

    An attorney who is very high caliber reached out looking for people who may want to lend their name to an amicus brief on the closure issues in MA. If you would otherwise be buying guns and/or ammo right now, you fit the bill. You would be named in the brief as individuals on whose behalf the...
  4. Comm2A is working with Maj Toure in MA next week

    Check out this thread for more details. Comm2A and Black Guns Matter in MA week of 12/10/18
  5. Reputable FFLs in 3 MA cities

    I need to put together a list of FFLs in the immediate areas of Boston, Worcester and Lowell. I can find FFLs, but which ones are good and easy to work with? NB: Woburn is too far outside of Boston. I need those closer to the city.
  6. Stores that sell Mace brand OC??

    Anyone know of stores that sell the full line (or close) of Mace Brand OC in MA? If you know of one or more, may as well post up here and I will update the thread on occasion for future reference. Here is the list: (NB: Unless stated, there is no statement as to how much of the line they have)...
  7. MA SJC rules stun gun ban violates the 2A

    Yes, that is hell freezing over... More later but while good, there are negative implications of the ruling.
  8. WTS NIB WARN Spydura winch rope for 8K and 10K winches

    No longer for sale.
  9. Comm2A needs someone with a Ruger SR 40 MA edition to check something for us

    If you own a Ruger SR40, Comm2A needs to verify something. If you own one and are willing to help, PM me. Preferably you will have some snap caps or other such device as well. ETA: I have someone already (that was quick...). Hold off until I post more here if I need anyone else.
  10. Thoughts on Oneida compound bows?

    I have been wanting to get a compound bow for a while now. I ran across CP Oneida compound bows and they are definitely different. Based on the internets, you either like them or you hate them. Anyone have one and if so, do you like it? Also, is it really as smooth a draw as they say? I know...
  11. NH Non Resident license for those with restricted MA licenses

    Has anyone with a restricted MA license applied for and received a NH non resident license in the last year or so? Please PM me or post up here. Thanks in advance.
  12. Green Card holders outside of MA

    If there are any green card holders outside of MA who would like to get a MA carry license, please contact Comm2A ASAP ( We would like to help.
  13. Guy loses his FID card for over two years and finally gets it back

    Here are the details: Here is a link to the case
  14. Update on Comm2A, filed another new case

    Here is the new case we just filed. Hit up that link for more info. Plus one of our volunteers will be doing a better writeup than I can muster in the coming days...
  15. Carry licensing decision out of RI Supreme Court

    No one pays attention to RI generally [smile], but this was interesting. My take is that they are severely limiting, but not preventing outright, suitability denials on carry licenses. But this appears to be a strong indication that town policies banning carry are not going to be allowed...
  16. 1911 .gov IWB leather backed holster that covers the hammer?

    I use MTAC's for all of my carry guns (G33, P229, 1911) but I never carry the 1911 because the backing doesn't cover the hammer and it digs into my side. Although not the MTAC, this pic shows the problem. This is the only down...
  17. Message from Comm2A to people applying/renewing post 1/1/15

    I just wanted to remind people (or make it clear to them by connecting the dots of information we have provided previously) that anyone who applies or renews for an LTC/FID on or after 1/1/15 who is either denied on the basis of suitability or given a restricted license, please submit your...
  18. Comm2A files an Amicus in Henderson v. US

    Here is Comm2A's page on the case including links to the briefs. We drove the bus on this brief (we enlisted the other orgs for the reasons in the brief, plus it helped share costs) because early on we noticed this case, if granted...
  19. Comm2A has filed an amicus in a stun gun possession criminal case at the SJC

    Comm2A has filed an amicus in a stun gun possession criminal case at the SJC. For more read While domestic violence groups piled on in the Holden case, here is a true victim who defended herself. Wonder if they will support her case...
  20. AR for sale to benefit Comm2A

    We have an AR that was donated to us that we are selling to benefit Comm2a. It will be available at our table at the Wilmington Gun Show today and after that it will be available for sale at B & K Sales located at 32 Washington St, Natick, MA 01760.
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