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  1. SHTF Vehicle of Choice?

    Its all I gots!! it will have to do
  2. New Acquisitions December 2020 - Firearms only

    Completed the PF9SS!!!
  3. New Acquisitions December 2020 - Firearms only

    Merry Christmas to me! Just completed this stripped Anderson lower with Bear Creek upper still needs to be neutered
  4. Show Me Your Revolver(s)

  5. Salem, MA - Police brutality plan foiled

    Its a horrible part of salem. I'd e bet my exwifes life on it hat they were just out for a drive and forgot the 40 underseat and the AW in back seat!
  6. 10,000 "assault weapons" sold in 2015 in MA

    I bet loweres are not counted in that figure
  7. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    Got this back from Seth Moulton's office today. I didn't expect any else but this Dear Mark, Thanks very much for taking the time to write. My name is Brendan O'Bryan and I work in Congressman Moulton's office in DC. The Congressman supports the Attorney General's recent directive regarding the...
  8. Harbor freight ammo box

    ive got 4 of them also bought their same keyed padlock set at same time. work great for transporting stuff
  9. Where can I and can I not carry?

    I picked up some .357 at dicks in saugus last week and got the perp walk to register where the clerk asked are you carrying that now ? "nope just happy to get my ammo" true story
  10. Having Toy Guns in the Home

    LMAO ME Too
  11. GLOCK Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Donation to NRA

    man wish i was skinny enough to carry appendices lol that looks so easy at the end
  12. I love my new Sig P938!!!!!!

    Its my EDC!! love it almost as much as my 220!
  13. New Aquisitions for April 2016

    Tested my new Franklin Armory Binary trigger in my WW AR last night its awesome but needs some tweaking .. Oh and i got this.... 2012 Rubicon Unlimted and now cant afford .223 for the binary trigger cuz its so much fun
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