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  1. WTS Please Delete

    Duplicate please delete - sorry
  2. WTS Price Drop Tokarev Ammunition Including Hollow Points

    Location : Eastern Mass Description : Two boxes of S&B 85 grain and one box of PPU 85 grain defensive ammunition, 150 rounds total. Buyer must show current LTC. Price: $75 cash, FTF transaction Contact Information: PM me here Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal...
  3. Weymouth Has A High LTC Restriction Rate. New Chief Takes Over In January. Apply Now .Or Wait?

    I have a friend in Weymouth applying for his LTC and Weymouth has a high denial and restriction rate. He’s an upstanding citizen with no criminal record, he’s married, has kids, is a football coach and was in the Army reserves for well over ten years. Not that any of that aside form the lack of...
  4. Jim Leavell, known for being next to Oswald when he was assasinated, dead at 99

    Jim Leavell, know for escorting Lee Harvey Oswald when he was shot, dead at 99.
  5. Introducing The New Kel Tec KS7 Shotgun

    Kel Tec has a new shotgun, the KS7 MSRP $495 Edit: handle can be removed and picatinny rail can be added. Longer barrel version with 10rd magazine View:
  6. Deputy Sends Toy Bomb To Lieutenant - Hilarity Ensues

    "The K9 did not alert to the suspicious package." Pinellas patrol deputy resigns after mailing toy bomb to sheriff's office lieutenant as joke
  7. Sub 2000 G19 to Multi Mag Conversion

    I recently converted my sub 2000 with the glock 19 grip to the multi-mag version. I knew that you can change what mags the multi-mag takes but recently found out that you can convert it between glock and multi-mag. It was an easy process, it would have taken less than an hour if the sear spring...
  8. Ballistol in eastern Mass LGS?

    Does anyone know an eastern Mass LGS that sells Ballistol? In the past week (while shopping for something else) I've been in Hunters Trading Post, Baystate Firearms, Gartman Arms, and both Village Sports and Shooting Supply in Westport and none of them had it. Thanks in advance
  9. Hillary Would Like Us To Empathize With Our Enemies

    Her Thighness would like us to empathize and show respect to our enemies, you know, because raping and/or murdering so many innocent women, children and men is hard work and ISIS deserves our empathy and respect for doing the dirty work Americans won't do...
  10. How to Review Guns on YouTube

    For everyone who's wanted to punch their screen while searching for decent gun reviews.... I know "lol" is a cliche' but I really did laugh out loud watching this.
  11. Flashback: Man Steals Plane And Strafes Boston With An AK

    Who remembers Alfred J Hunter, who in May 1989 killed his wife (see why below), stole a Cessna and flew over Boston, and under the Tobin bridge, for hours, shooting his AK out the window at Kenmore Square, Newbury st, the Logan tower, The Prudential building, and the South Boston postal facility...
  12. Am I The Only One Who Hears Gunshots?

    About 20 minutes ago I heard lot of gunshots, then an engine revving. A minute later I started hearing sirens. Every few months I'm woken up by some jerkoff blowing off about 10 rounds between 1:00 and 2:00 am and they never seem to hit anything but this was different, this was rapid fire or...
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