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  1. Tech license course

    The Nashoba Valley Amateur Radio Club (NVARC) is offering a free amateur radio licensing course beginning on January 31st. The eight night course will prepare students for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Technician licensing exam that will be offered at the completion of the course...
  2. Jamboree on the Air 2021

    Anyone running a station this weekend or getting on the air to support Jamboree on the Air? JOTA-JOTI 2021 | JOTA-JOTI 2021 - The world's largest digital Scout event I'll be running a station at the Tyngsboro Library today for my Scout Troop on 20M though anyone is welcome to stop by. It...
  3. There really were boating accidents in Springfield.

    SPRINGFIELD — The ongoing drawdown of Watershops Pond ahead of a major flood control project has unveiled a plethora of junk ranging from six cars to an assortment of guns, bikes, a safe, and at least one pair of high heel shoes.
  4. Adams Arms free Magazine for TOMS shoes

    I didn’t see this posted 30 round magazine from Adams Arms: Adams Arms Offering 30-Round Magazines for TOMS Shoes - The Truth About Guns
  5. Armed Guard or Off Duty Copy for Church Secuirty

    In the wake of Sutherland a few pastors I know have been talking about either hiring a Uniformed armed security guard or an Off Duty Cop to have a visible presence at their services. I know after the shooting at New Life Church in 2007 that they hired a Off Duty Police vs. the Church Member...
  6. Tewksbury Police Hacked - Backup your data
  7. Finally got a HF antenna up

    So after upgrading to a General this past summer I finally scrapped together the money for a HF rig and my wife got me a Cobra Jr Antenna for my birthday yesterday. I spend my afternoon yesterday trying to hang the antenna, but we had guest over so I didn't get to test it out until this...
  8. MA Migratory Bird Seasons

    The seasons have been posted:
  9. Took my son shooting today.

    It was a great day today so I took my 7 year old son shooting.
  10. passed my general

    I just passed my general exam tonight after a couple months of lazily studying I started getting passing scores on the practice exams so I headed to Billerica tonight for their monthly exam offering. Now what to buy for a HF rig? KB1ZVR/AG
  11. Armed Forces Day Crossband MARS Test

    Anyone particiapting this Saturday? I only own 2M/70cm FM radios so I'm out. Maybe next year.
  12. Type 53 rusted and pitted barrel question

    So I finally got around to cleaning the type 53 I got from the last group buy and I found the barrel is heavily pictured pitted under the hand guard. Do think this is too far gone to safely shoot?
  13. SO-50

    So anyone trying to work this today? I was on the last pass but couldn't hold it long enough to get on...the best I got was a partial call sign. BTW i'm just using my UV-5R and an 8" whip.
  14. Woot has Spotting Scopes and optics today. $20-280

    Boresights, reflex sights, scopes, and mounts from $20-280 Sights and Optics Leupold Spotting Scope for $200 Woot
  15. MA Trapper Education Course

    I just got an email that the Auburn Sportsmen's Club is hosting a Trapper Education Course in April. April 17th 6:30-9PM & April 27th 8AM-5PM. You have to be at both sessions. Call 978-772-0693 to sign up. Unfortunately for me I can't make those dates but maybe someone else can. 2nd email...
  16. MA Hunting Survey

    Did anyone else get an email to complete a MA hunting survey today?
  17. Orange Rant

    Ok so yesterday morning was the opener for Deer Shotgun Season in MA. So first light I stumble upon a set of fresh tracks...they broke through the light ice so i know they're fresh and i start following them. after about an hour i hear a whistle. I look around nothing; take another few steps...
  18. Senator Finegold addresses LTC processing delays

    After hitting 81 days waiting for my LTC I decided to reach out to Senator Feingold. Fortunately for me my LTC came while I waiting for his office's response. But I still decided to press on with them to see if I could find out what is holding things up for others. Here is the response I...
  19. New Guy in Tewksbury

    Hi - I've been lurking around the forums & enjoying the threads so since I've posted a few times I figured i outta go green. I'm still waiting on my LTC, 72 days as of today.
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